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Chum – There’s Blood in the Water in This Crime Drama!


Chum - There's Blood in the Water in This Crime Drama!Chum comes from a company you may be unfamiliar with. ComixTribe is an independent publisher with several critically acclaimed titles, including The Red Ten, Oxymoron, and the haunting and amazing And Then Emily Was Gone. Chum continues their current streak of great stories!

Chum, written by Ryan K Lindsay, is the story of Kingsford Island, a surf town, or more appropriately the people who populate it. The cast of characters are colorful and dangerous, from Ed “Standard” Flynn the burnt out hard-drinking small town detective, to Penny Esposito the pot dealing kingpin, to Summer Stanwyck the gorgeous but icy restaurant owner. All of who are on a collision course, and that’s before the real drama kicks in.

Lindsay has crafted a “surf noir”, the language setting and mood all fit the noir mold perfectly. Sami Kivela’s art continues that mood in every panel, on every page. His art is a character all its own. This title has feature film written all over it.

So how do you get it? Well it’s not on shelves quite yet. But there is an ashcan! The 24 page ashcan introduces us to the cast, the town, and gives us hints of the big trouble to come. Along with that there’s back matter giving us character biographies, a synopsis, and some process pages. Best thing about the ashcan? It’s free and you can get it with just. one. click.

I love this story it has all the hallmarks of a classic noir, I can’t wait until the full issue drops in April 2016.

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