Checking in... with IDW's Wild Blue Yonder ~ What'cha Reading?

Checking in… with IDW’s Wild Blue Yonder


Checking in... with IDW's Wild Blue YonderDigging through the “to read” pile I came across issue #5 of Wild Blue Yonder, on the stands on July 23rd this is a mini series I love, one that people have sung the praises of since it launched. Obviously I had dropped the ball, missed the issue. Would it still hold up even though I hadn’t read issue #4 since March? Only one way to find out.

Chapter Five opens with a quiet moment on the bridge of The Dawn, but you turn the page assuming there’s some setup or dialogue coming and you’re launched right into the cockpit of a plane on it’s way to the climactic fight between The Dawn’s crew and The Judge. With a minimum of dialogue we’re right in it, planes and jet-packs, explosions and gunfire…

WBY5-02 WBY5-03 WBY5-04

WBY5-0506I feel battle is one of the hardest things to convey in a comic, the insanity the chaos, like those first 5 minutes in Saving Private Ryan, it doesn’t lend itself easily to a static medium. And if and artist strays from the classic grid style page? He’d better be one hell of an artist to keep the story flowing smoothly. Zach Howard hits it out of the park. I found myself reading pages two and three times, just pouring over the layouts. Shame it only has one more issue to go. Mike Raicht, Zack Howard, Austin Howard, Nelson Daniel, and Thompson Knox have a great thing with this series. Have you been reading it? Well you should be. Wild Blue Yonder gets a 5 out of 5. And I’m fairly certain it will be on my best of 2014 list come the end of this year.

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