Check Out "The Underburbs!" Discovered at Special Edition NYC ~ What'cha Reading?

Check Out “The Underburbs!” Discovered at Special Edition NYC


Like the rest of the WhatchaReading crew, I was at Special Edition: NYC this past weekend. I love cons for so many reasons, one of the biggest reasons being that’s where I get to discover comics that I haven’t heard of or seen before. Self-published, small indie pubs, start-ups, they’re there, and I love picking up a book that has heart and soul all over it.

Plus, I’m still in touch with my 15 year-old quasi-goth/punk, so when I see artwork like this hanging up in a booth, I need to find out what that’s about.

Check Out "The Underburbs!" Discovered at Special Edition NYC

The Underburbs takes place in a town called Pendleton, where a kid named Angela is too sick to go trick-or-treating on what she’s designated as her last age-appropriate Halloween. Stinks, right? The thing is, she catches her brother and his goofy friends trying to raise a demon with some instructions they found on the Internet. A big explosion, some ground shaking, and a vampire princess named Winifred and her demon friend, who prefers to go by “The Hammer”, appear and change Angela’s brother and friends into their own demon servants.

Turns out Winifred and The Hammer are kids from The Underburbs – the suburbs, but in the Underworld – and they’ve gone through a portal to the human world that opens once a year on Halloween to cause some havoc. Now, it’s up to Angela to save her family and our world by befriending The Countess (that’s Winifred) so she can receive magic powers to put her on an even playing field.


This book is hilarious! The dialogue is snappy and snarky, the art is adorable (reminiscent of Steven Universe and Marceline from Adventure Time could be The Countess’ BFF). They’re already up to Issue #16, according to their Facebook page, so I need to get on the stick here.

This is a great choice for tweens, too – give a copy to your Courtney Crumrin and Emily the Strange fans. They’ll love you for it. You can check out more of the Underburbs art at their DeviantArt site, and to order copies, contact the Yahoo email address in the above image. I think I’ll be picking up a trade or two with my next paycheck.

What else did I see at Special Edition? Watch this space!

Writers and Art: Joe Haley & T.J. Dort
Publisher: Rolling Boil Press
On Sale: NOW
Price: $4.99

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