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Check Out Vampirella 1969!

Writers: Nancy Collins, Phil Hester, Mark Rahner, Eric Trautmann, David Walker
Artists: Aneke , Fritz Casas, Jethro Morales, Colton Worley, Brett Weldele
Covers: Robert Hack (a), Jack Jadson (b)
Full Color • 48 pages • $7.99 • Teen+
The year is 1969 and an alien has landed on earth, looking for a new home. Vampirella of Drakulon’s ship has crashed and she’s here for good, now she just needs to figure out what this planet “Earth” is all about. In five tales of action and horror we watch Vampi get a feel for our little world and she reacts accordingly. From cult leaders and magicians to bikers and werewolves our hero meets all kind of lecherous scum and deals with them as only she can. She’s a super-powered heroine who won’t stand by watching the evil that men do.
Then in the midst of all the carnage we’re treated to a tale where even she can do nothing but watch a sad story unfold, which to me was the story that made the book. It’s easy to see Vampirella as a force to be reckoned though in “Mercy’s Lullaby” we see her as an observer, unable to affect the outcome and it’s refreshing to see her from that angle.
This book was a lot of fun and the talent, both in writing and art, is dripping from the pages. Pick this one up at your local comic shop on Wednesday 11/18.
Dynamite Press Release:
Vampirella first appeared on the scene in 1969 and quickly became a fixture of comics, horror and pop culture! Now, Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents a special, over-sized issue celebrating those heady days with a who’s who from their roister of all-star writers and artists! Just look at this line-up: Nancy Collins joined by artist Fritz Casas, Eric Trautmann joined by painter Brett Weldele, Phil Hester joined by artist Jethro Morales, Mark Rahner joined by artist Colton Worley, and David Walker joined by artist Aneke! Each presents a special tale showcasing the best of the former horror hostess from Drakulon!
Check out these preview pages from ’69 written by Nancy A Collins with art from Fritz Casas (along with the Robert Hack variant cover):
VampiF1969-Cov-A-Hack Vampi1969 1 Vampi1969 2
Vampi1969 3 Vampi1969 4 Vampi1969 5

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