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Check Out “The New Batman Adventures” Two-Face & Mr. Freeze Action Figures!


This week sees the release of the next two action figures in DC Collectibles current lineup of action figures based off of Bruce Timm’s Batman animated series.  Two-Face and Mr. Freeze are the following two figures in an already excellent lineup and should not be overlooked.

Check Out "The New Batman Adventures" Two-Face & Mr. Freeze Action Figures!

image ©DC Comics , found via MTV News

Two-Face and Mr. Freeze are numbered number 2 and 3, respectively.  Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios and based on their appearances in “The New Batman Adventures” fourth season, both Two-Face and Mr. Freeze appear more intimidating than previously depicted.  First the Two-Face action figure, it comes in the same bubble, packaged on a dark blue card featuring Timm’s Batman, Nightwing, and Robin silhouettes.  This keeps it in the same design and presentation as the first figure in the line of action figures, the Batman.  Two-Face is a sturdy figure with 15 points of articulation making him the most articulated figure based off of the character as he appeared in the cartoon.  Painted to reflect the white and black suit, with inverted black and white shirt, and white and black tie; the figure perfectly captures his animated counterpart.  Perhaps the most beautifully sculpted feature on the Two-Face action figure is his most horrific characteristic – the acid burned scarred left side of his face.  The light blue stands out, along with his enlarged eyeball and partial grimace.  Two-Face comes packaged with six accessories and an artist turnaround base.  While the figure comes packed with a four interchangable hands, it is certainly a pleasant highlight for fans that he also comes with a pistol, tommy-gun, stop watch, gas mask, two gas cannisters, and a bag of loot.  My favorite aspect of the Two-Face action figure is undoubtedly the coin in the palm of his right hand.

image ©DC Comics , found via MTV News

image ©DC Comics , found via MTV News

Next up is Mr. Freeze.  Appearing more menacing to reflect his scarier and more hardened appearances in the later part of the Batman animated series; Mr. Freeze is painted in darker colors making him the gloomiest of all four figures currently available.  If the designers were trying to capture Mr. Freeze’s cold disposition, then they certainly excelled at their jobs.  While Mr. Freeze is the most bare bones when it comes to accessories (he is only packed with his freeze gun and four interchangeable hands), he does contain the same 15 points of articulation as does Two-Face.  Along with his artist turnaround base that reflects his darker look on “The New Batman Adventures”, this figure is a more muscular approach to Mr. Freeze which is in stark contrast with DC Collectibles Designer Series of figures by Greg Capullo.

Both Two-Face and Mr. Freeze are a welcome and worthy addition for any self-respecting Batman fan.  Even if you aren’t necessarily a fan of the fourth season depictions of the characters, “The New Batman Adventures” action figure offerings are perfect for any figure collector.  They are currently available at our favorite Queens comic book shop, Royal Collectibles at a price of $24.99.  (the back-ordered Batman and Catwoman action figures are now back in stock for a limited time at Royal Collectibles, as well.)

Two-Face and Mr. Freeze both get five out of five stars.

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