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Chastity #6: Vampires at Christmas Offer the Perfect Jumping-On Point


Chastity #6: Vampires at Christmas Offer the Perfect Jumping-On PointIt’s been a little while since I picked up one of Dynamite’s new Chastity comics. I loved the first two issues of the series, though, and I figured it was about time for me to check back in and see how the series was holding up. I needn’t have worried, Chas is still kicking ass and taking names.

Issue #6 is set in 1992, so a few years have passed since Chas was changed by the vampire who murdered her family. She has apparently spent some of the intervening time out of NYC, but has returned for the holidays thinking that they would bring back some good memories of her growing up. Not a chance when there’s a crazy vampire dressed as Santa luring small children away from their families for who knows what purpose. Of course Chas isn’t going to let this happen on her watch, so she almost immediately finds herself in pursuit of the madman.

No further spoilers out of me, but I loved this issue from the cover (which looks like Chas is taking on a deranged Krampus dressed as Santa) to the final page. Chas’s interactions with kids are especially good—she really understands them and relates to them, which reminds us that she wasn’t far out of childhood when she was changed. The villain in this issue was suitably creepy and evil, but I also found myself feeling a little sorry for him in the end. A well-rounded baddie is something that I don’t really expect from a single issue, so it was a treat to find here. And since I took a bit of a hiatus from the Chastity comics, I now want to read through the issues I’ve missed to find out what the deal is with Chas and Detective Lapine. There’s a little coda with them at the end of the story that just served to whet my appetite about their relationship.

Marc Andreyko’s storytelling is nicely paced and compelling. Dave Acosta’s art and Thiago Ribeiro’s colors capture the lightness of Christmas as well as the dark underside of NYC, and in an age of multi-issue story arcs, the creative team has given us the rarity of a complete story in one issue. It’s a fun read, a non-traditional Christmas story, and if you’re interested in Dynamite’s Chastity series but haven’t picked up a copy yet, this is a great jumping on point. Besides, who doesn’t like a vampire story at Christmas? I’m giving Chastity #6 4.5 out of 5 Lightning Bolts.

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Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Dave Acosta
Colorist: Thiago Ribeiro
Letterer: Marshall Dillon
Main Cover: Emanuella Lupacchino & Ivan Nunes
Subscription Cover: Tim Seeley & Vinicius Andrade
Publisher: Chaos! Dynamite
Format: Comic
Release Date: 12/3/14
Price: $3.99

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