Daredevil's Charlie Cox opens up about (crime-fighting) addiction! ~ What'cha Reading?

Daredevil’s Charlie Cox opens up about (crime-fighting) addiction!

Daredevil's Charlie Cox opens up about (crime-fighting) addiction!

Concept Poster by Joe Quesada. Image courtesy of Marvel.com

Two weeks since making his public debut at New York Comic Con, actor Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire, Stardust) has opened up a little more about the secretive ABC Studios/ Netflix series, “Daredevil.”  The Marvel Comics based production, taking its contextual inspiration from the Frank Miller run and Bendis/Maleev series has already been promised to be a much darker approach to what we have grown accustomed to seeing Marvel produce.  Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock) offered the following “We’re trying to make a show that’s new and much, much darker than anything I’ve ever seen Marvel do before.  The concept that he can’t stop, he’s going out, and he’s taking the law into his own hands, and he doesn’t know if he can stop.  He might be addicted to it.

Charlie Cox as Marvel's Daredevil

Image courtesy of Marvel.com

Marvel and Netflix’s collaboration on “Daredevil” is certainly turning out to become one of the bigger events for 2015.  With the release of films “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Ant-Man”, fans may be happy to learn that while “Daredevil” is coming to the small screen, it is being seen as anything but television.  During the New York Comic Con panel, Cox revealed that “more than anything else, it’s going to feel like a 13-hour movie.”   

We can’t wait for The Man Without Fear to make his debut on Netflix this May.  And, personally, as a fan of the Frank Miller/ Klaus Janson run (the first comic series I ever read) I couldn’t be more thrilled to see “Daredevil.”  After having visited the set in September, I can promise you that it is in good hands and that Marvel and non-Marvel fans will soon be embracing this devil.

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