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Chandra Free’s God Machine Finds New Life With Titan!


This NYCC has been chock full of Titan Comics news but most of it has surrounded their Doctor Who plans. Well while strolling through Artist Alley today I stopped to chat with Chandra Free, who’s graphic novel “The God Machine”, has seen great reviews. Those of us who’ve had the pleasure of reading the story of Guy Salvatore and his supernatural journey in search of his love Sith have been “patiently waiting” (yea those were air quotes) the next chapter. Well it seems the wait is over! I have it on good authority that Titan will re-release the original graphic novel, with added material (more story!), and will follow with the next chapter!

As we get more details we’ll send them your way! Till then…

Chandra Free's God Machine Finds New Life With Titan!

Go check out Chandra site,


Psst we’re planning (and hoping) to interview Chandra on all the projects, (ongoing and brand new) very soon, keep an eye out!

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