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Cee Raymond’s Crime & Space – A Follow Up…


Cee Raymond’s Crime & Space Follow Up, or Where in the ‘Verse is Roy Riot?!?

Cee Raymond's Crime & Space

One of the available Crime & Space prints

So in April I profiled a kickstarter for Cee Raymond’s Crime & Space. It’s an excellent sci-fi noir concept that I was immediately excited about. Then, after pledging to the kickstarter and writing about it, I found out that they had cancelled the project. It bummed me out, so I updated the article to reflect that this was a book that you guys wouldn’t be seeing any time soon. Well the strangest thing happened. I received a message on Facebook in late June from none other than the creator of Crime & Space Cee Raymond. He thanked us for posting the piece and went on to apologize for having to cancel the kickstarter. Seems life got in the way of completing this project until a later date. It was refreshing to find someone who, upon realizing the project wasn’t going to get done in a timely manner, opted to shelve the project and not just take the money and make people wait. And believe me that happens A LOT on kickstarter.

SFBBcvrThe Original Adventure of Cee Raymond’s Roy Riot

Roy Riot is one of the main characters in Crime & Space. Roy is “is the anti-Buck Rogers, the punk-rock Han Solo, a hoodlum out of time from the Earth year 1967” he’s a bad guy and you’ll love him, I guaranty it. “But wait” you say “they cancelled the project!” Right you are! But that doesn’t mean you can’t read a Roy Riot adventure!

You have some options. You can check out the pages we included in our original piece about the project () You could go to Cee Raymond’s blog and read  Crime & Space: Fool’s Briefcase, the original Roy Riot adventure in its entirety for free. Or you could head over to comixology and buy Space-Fried Brain Boxes, Cee’s anthology. It has three full length sci-fi stories, all of which are worth the read.

Ramon Gil's Men From DARPA

Ramon Gil’s Men From DARPA

So, is there more stuff we can read?

Roy Riot stories? Not quite yet, but Cee has another book you can check out THE MEN FROM DARPA #2. Written by Ramon Gil, the writer and publisher of Scifies (and all around nice guy) with art by Cee Raymond and colors by Macarena Cortes. THE MEN FROM DARPA #2 is available at Ramon Gil’s site, and I recommend you take a look.

One last thing,

There’s yet another way to experience some of this guys work. He’s running a GoFundMe to raise money to start fresh in a new town, where a steady, paying, job waits. He’s pretty much giving away some amazing posters of Roy Riot as well as almost all his original comic pages, all for very reasonable donations. I can’t think of a better way to support someone whose art you enjoy then helping them to continue making it. So check out some of his work. If, like me, you get a kick out of it pick an option and help support Cee’s work. That’s what loving indie comics is all about.

Another Crime & Space print available for purchase

Another Crime & Space print available when you back Cee’s GoFundMe




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