The Cave Revealed? Gotham Season Two Promo ~ What'cha Reading?

The Cave Revealed? Gotham Season Two Promo

The Cave Revealed?  Gotham Season Two Promo


FOX released an upcoming tease for their sophomore season of Gotham.  We all proudly followed its first year and we welcome you to look back upon our reviews.  We even had the opportunity to interview Gotham‘s very own Bruce Wayne – David Mazouz (and twice!)  If you weren’t following the fun, here is the link to that here “Gotham’s David Mazouz Talks to What’cha Reading.”

In the promo below, we get another tease of Bruce Wayne’s journey as him and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) discover the Batcave.  This was teased during the concluding moments of season one.  We already know season two will focus more on Bruce’s growth along with the “rise of the villains”, including the Joker!


Were you a fan of Gotham season one?  Is there anything you’re hoping to see in season two?  Oh, and if you liked Nicholas D’Agosto’s performance as Harvey Dent, you may want to check out our Batman: The Animated Series coverage of “Two-Face Part One” as Gotham‘s Dent shares a little more than a penchant for flipping coins with animated Dent.

The FOX series Gotham returns Monday nights at 8 PM ET on September 21.  Check your local listings and, take note, the Days Before the Bat themed series will be going up against CBS Supergirl.  Batman v. Superman anyone?

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