Cavan Scott Talks Ninth Doctor Adventures with What'cha Reading ~ What'cha Reading?

Cavan Scott Talks Ninth Doctor Adventures with What’cha Reading


Cavan Scott Talks Ninth Doctor Adventures with What'cha ReadingMy love of the Ninth Doctor is well documented all over What’cha Reading, and Titan’s Ninth Doctor #1 felt like coming home for this Whovian. So when the opportunity arose to do an email interview Ninth Doctor writer Cavan Scott (also co-author of Who-ology and numerous Doctor Who radio plays and short stories), of course I jumped at it!


Julie: Hi, Cavan, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for What’cha Reading! At NYCC, Titan said that the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor comics wouldn’t feature TV companions because their stories had been told. What can you tell us about the decision that the Ninth Doctor’s adventure would feature Rose and Captain Jack?

Cavan: The feeling was that their story as a team hadn’t been told. Jack joins in “The Doctor Dances” and then, wham, they’re a unit by “Boom Town.” And what a unit! They work so well, but sadly we only hear about a lot of their stories and they’re soon broken up by the events of Parting of the Ways. We wanted to see at least one more of those missing adventures.

Julie: I loved that “Weapons of Past Destruction” is placed between “The Doctor Dances” and “Boom Town.” Can you give us some insight about why that specific timeframe was chosen?

Cavan: Pretty much for the previous answer – there’s scope for more stories there, and actually there aren’t many gaps in the Ninth Doctor’s stories. They pretty much flow straight into each other.

Julie: In comparisons to the Doctors that followed, the Ninth Doctor had relatively little screen time for us to get to know him. What was it like writing the Ninth Doctor, particularly for the tenth anniversary of New Who?

Cavan: In a word, fantastic! It was an honour to be chosen to tell this story, and not one I took lightly. The amazing thing about Nine is that we only knew him for 10 stories, but he gave us so much. Angst. Laughs. Anger. Regret. Hope. And of course that’s all to do with the writers and Christopher Eccleston’s wonderful performance.

Julie: Related to that last question, I know Titan Comics works closely with the BBC on all of their Doctor Who comics. Did the BBC give you any new background on Nine that you didn’t have previously? Or did writing Who-ology give you all the background you needed?

Cavan: We weren’t given anything new, but I’d spent a lot of time with Nine, what with Who-ology, The Quotable Doctor Who and the Night of the Whisper audio. Plus, I’ve watched it time and time again since it was first aired.

Julie: Our readers are always interested in the collaborative process behind the creation of comics. Can you talk a little about how you and Blair Shedd worked together on this issue?

Cavan: Blair is great at going through the scripts, and asking the right question at the right time, knowing what’s needed to really bring out the storytelling and the designs.
Likewise, I ask him what he thinks about scenes, whether what I’m seeing in my
head is even possible and how we can develop things along the way.
I’ve been so impressed with his level of detail. He knows the Lect and Unon inside
and out. He even made a Lect arm so he can work out what it looks like from every

Julie: And finally, What’cha Reading?

Cavan: From Image; Wayward, Goners, Copperhead, The Fade Out, Velvet, The Wicked + The Devine, and Outcast. From Marvel; Silver Surfer, Thor, Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel and just about every Avenger book I can get. From DC; All the Batman stuff, including the wonderful Gotham Academy and Grayson, Action Comics and Swamp Thing. From Valiant; X-O Manowar, Bloodshot and Ivar Timewalker. Then there’s Star Trek, Hit 1957, Black Hood, Titan’s other Who books… so much at the moment!

I don’t know about you all, but I want to see the Lect arm that Blair Shedd made! And now I really can’t wait to read Ninth Doctor #2.

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