In Case You Missed It: Trekker: The Train to Avalon Bay ~ What'cha Reading?

In Case You Missed It: Trekker: The Train to Avalon Bay


I’m sitting on the train to Boston Comic Con, catching up on comics and trades that have been on my to-read list for far too long. First up? The continuing adventures of Ron Randall’s intergalactic bounty hunter, Mercy St. Clair, in Trekker: The Train to Avalon Bay.


It’s time for a vacation – Mercy’s still got some fallout from the events taking place in the Trekker Omnibus, and her BFF Molly insists they take a vacation to the Avalon Bay resort. Mercy can’t help herself, though, and spies a federal escort. This comes up again, when the train is attacked, and Mercy’s instincts kick into high-gear to keep herself and Molly alive. But is the fed she takes under her wing really who he claims to be? Can even the Trekker herself be fooled?

I only just met Mercy St. Clair last year, when I read the Trekker Omnibus, even though she’d been around during the ’80s. I immediately loved the smart, badass bounty hunter who kept her wits about her and a firm hand on her gun. Having more Mercy adventures available is a pleasure and a thrill ride. I love Randall’s art; Mercy could have walked right out of a Nagel painting, and the art is exciting, fluid in movement, and offers up the types of sci fi landscapes that I remember from movies like the original Star Wars saga – gritty, retro-futuristic, worn.

Trekker: The Train to Avalon Bay collects installments from Dark Horse Presents #24-29 and features a 22-page crossover comic, City of the Dead, featuring Mercy and Karl Kesel’s Johnny Zombie – for the first time in print! There’s also a great pin-up gallery, featuring Karl Kesel’s work, along with Jonathan Case, Dustin Weaver, and more.

The Train to Avalon Bay was published in April of this year, but you should be able to order it online or through your local comic book store. Give this book a shot if you love old-school sci fi sagas and strong heroines.




Writer: Ron Randall
Artist: Ron Randall, Karl Kesel
Publisher: Dark Horse
Publication Date: April 16, 2014
Format:FC, 96 pages

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