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Capture Creatures – When Are We Getting the Card Game?


I’ve got kids. I’ve got sons. I spent the better part of my 30s learning all about various Pokémon, Digimon, Bakugan, and any other monster collection that came in collectible card form. My kids heard the siren song, “Gotta catch ’em ALL!” and rose to the challenge. Pikachu should probably be sending my kids to college. Capture Creatures is going to do this to me all over again, now that I have one more little one, isn’t it?

Capture Creatures - When Are We Getting the Card Game?

Ka-BOOM’s newest title, Capture Creatures, takes place on Earth in the aftermath of some event that requires a “reclamation zone” – an environmental cataclysm, maybe? We’re not getting many answers on that front yet, but we meet Tamzen, whose scientist father is working on this project, and Jory, one of her dad’s interns. They go wandering in the woods to discover an adorable little animal that seems to have some kind of power over nature, whether it’s felling a tree or setting something ablaze. If you check out the mocked up playing card in the beginning of the comic, you learn the little guy’s name is Bon-Bon Fire, and he’s got some pretty cool abilities. So, we’ll be meeting these cute little creatures over the next few issues, and finding more about them as we go.

If you or your kids enjoy Pokémon, you’re going to love this title. It’s straight up adorable, with a very attractive, familiar cartoony style that regular Ka-BOOM readers will recognize right away. Power BOOMers Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt are the co-creators on Capture Creatures, and have writing and art duties, respectively, on the book. Younger kids will very happily gobble up this book, and I can already see the collectible card game being introduced, maybe with some cute action figures, by next Christmas?

Putting my librarian bun on for a minute, this is exactly the sort of book I’ll be buying trade copies of to put on my shelves. It’s an intelligent book that doesn’t talk to kids like… well, little kids. Tamzen is an independent, spunky girl and Jory, while a little timid and – dare I say it? geeky – is smart enough to hydroponically grow trees and regrow a section of the planet. Now, do I scan copies of the playing card pages and try to start my own Capture Creatures game at the library? Time will tell…

Capture Creatures hit stores today, so if you haven’t picked up your books yet tonight, check it out. Or, you know… you’ll need something to do the day after Thanksgiving, while digesting all that turkey.

Check out some of the art and variant covers from Capture Creatures!

CapCreatures01-coverB CapCreatures01-coverC CapCreatures01-coverD

CapCreatures01-PRESS-9 CapCreatures01-PRESS-11


Writer: Frank Gibson
Artists: Becky Dreistadt, Kelly Bastow
Cover Artists: Bekcy Dreistadt, Joy Ang, Missy Pena
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Price: $3.99
On-Sale: November 26, 2014
Diamond ID: SEP141165

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