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Review – Captain Marvel #1 – Marvel Comics


I’m sure there have been a ton of reviews of this book. I haven’t read any. I don’t really know much about Carol Danvers, except that she shot and “killed” Captain America, so I was pretty open minded when this book hit.

It made my first five this week even though the cover didn’t grab me. Maybe I was subconsciously looking forward to it. Let’s be honest, this cover isn’t all that great. The new uniform is kind of interesting in a retro way, but the hair.. Is this 1980’s Storm? I know I know she had a mohawk, still Carol’s new style evoked uncomfortable memories of bad fashion decisions in Marvel’s characters pasts.

Luckily the art in this issue is so good silly things like hair just don’t matter. This is Dexter Soy’s first job for Marvel and he hit it out of the park! Don’t believe me?

Seriously? His first work for Marvel? Dude! Kelly Sue Deconnick is writing a really interesting story in this book but the art alone is worth the price of admission. And not just the fight scenes…

Ok I love the art, we’ve established that.

What about story? As I said in the opening I really didn’t/don’t know much about Carol Danvers. I mean sure I know Ms. Marvel has been around in some way since the sixties. She’s a human infused with Kree (alien race) DNA. Avenger, friend of the X-Men. Close personal friend of Captain America. Ok so I know a little. She has always been one of those characters I never felt got enough air time (page space?). Has Kelly fixed this? In this humble reviewers opinion, Hell Yes.

We meet Carol right in the middle of what she does best, kicking some ass. Seven pages of a great fight scene, with fun witty dialogue. Page eight? Coffee with Cap(tain America) and a discussion about why she’s Ms. Marvel not Captain Marvel. Good question and it was very well answered. I’m not going to delve into the sides of the discussion presented by Carol or Steve (Rogers) but suffice to say they leave no stone unturned. We also get a glimpse into Carol’s past and see some of what drives her. That too was done with a certain class that shows what a wonderful writer Kelly is.

I may not have been a huge Captain Marvel fan before but I think this series will change that.

Captain Marvel #1 – Marvel Comics
Written by Kelly Sue Deconnick (@kellysue) (
Art by Dexter Soy (@dextersoy) (Dexter on deviantArt)
Release Date July 18, 2012

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  1. I never thought about reading Captain Marvel comics; it never really appealed to me. Probably because of her hair (I just like the way long hair swishes when they fly. It’s more dramatic, yknow?), but mostly because of the art. And I know they always say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but it’s hard not to when the cover looks like THAT.
    Thank you for the review though, I’ll definitely try reading it because yeah, the art does look amazing, and I’ve never really known much about Carol Danvers either.

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