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Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Blows us away!


The new Cap trailer is all over the internet and we here at What’cha Reading are not immune to the hype. What did you think? Sound off in the comments!

Check it out;

Contributor Ed Gambichler emailed the link to all of us yesterday with the subject line “MOTHER OF GOD!” which I thought conveyed just the right amount of impact. Here are some of the first responses from our writers…

Rosemary: Psyched!! The trailer is attached to Dark World, too.

Bob: Oh my stars and garters…..
I am stunned
That trailer was better than most f@#$*@$ movies!!!!
I’m scared guys…. Are we reaching the tipping point where movies are going to be better than there source comics! Honestly would you rather watch that or read some late 80s early 90s cap books?
All the scenes look amazing. Even the Die Hard 3 elevator rip-off fight….
God I feel sorry for DC
I though Dark World blew my mind!

Chuck: I’ll be honest I felt that way about Hellboy. Then we had another run of mediocre films. Then it got even better again! Who knows what’s next!

Rob: Wow I cried a little

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  1. I thought I saw, no, I know I saw Robert Redford in that trailer. Holeeee! Oh, and there was a falcon sighting too. I don’t know much about the story line, but I’m hoping that they adapt some of Peter David’s ideas. He was a writer who understood Captain America. Perhaps Redford will make a good president to kidnap.

  2. Right? It is so refreshing to see a “comic book” movie being treated like a feature film not a sideshow. Avengers really set the tone (in my opinion), I hope we see this trend continue.

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