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Captain America: Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray from Shout! Factory May 21st!


Wow! How did I miss this gem! It’s been 23 years since this film was released (but never to my knowledge in US theaters) and it definitely shows.


This is truly a campy but heartfelt take on Cap. Once again we see the origin, Steve Rogers the frail but brave young man who volunteers to undergo the process of becoming a “super-soldier”. Once again the scientist in charge (Dr. Maria Vaselli, played by the very striking and familiar Carla Cassola) is killed and the formula lost. And Steve, having undergone the experiment, is sent out after The Red Skull (played with gusto by Scott Paulin) who causes our hero to be frozen in the ice of Alaska till he’s found and released from his icy tomb to once again (and just in the nick of time) battle the evil Red Skull!

Ok, it’s campy, its low budget, it’s all that and a little more. For as bad as it is I still think it beats Dolph Lundgren’s Punisher (released a year earlier) for having real heart and respect for the characters. With performances by Bill Mumy, Ronny Cox, Ned Beatty, Darren McGavin, and Michael Nouri this should have had the studio backing to become a decent film. But alas the studio (or studio’s in reality), 21st Century Film Corporation kept slicing the budget until director Albert Pyun and screenwriter Stephen Tolkin’s vision for this film was reduced to something never seen in theaters and only released on video (and cable) two years later.


In this Shout! Factory blu-ray release we get something more, a new interview with director Albert Pyun and actor Matt Salinger. The insights and anecdotes they share are very cool and definitely worth the price (just $14.97) for this dvd.

If you’re a Cap fan, a cheesy movie fan, or just someone who needs to see what super hero movies were like before they got big budgets you should pick this up.

Release date May 21st pre-order at amazon or directly from Shout! Factory.

Products Details

“To Captain America, wherever he is. We’re all back in the fight.”

Long ago, Steve Rogers (Matt Salinger) was a true American hero, a brave super soldier created by scientists to help the Allied Forces fight for freedom in World War II. But during a battle with the sinister Red Skull (Scott Paulin), he was lost, entombed in ice. Decades later, his body has been found and revived and Steve must again don the mantle of Captain America to help save the President of the United States (Ronny Cox) — and the world — from his arch-nemesis once and for all.

For the first time, director Albert Pyun’s 1990 cult classic is presented in widescreen and in astonishing high-definition!

Bonus features: Brand New Interview: Looking Back At Captain America With Director Albert Pyun and Star Matt Salinger

Discs: 1
Format: NTSC
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Language: English

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  1. This is a truly bad movie. It went straight to video if remember correctly. For fans of bad movies (all sci-fi & comic book fans should freely admit this) it should not be missed. There are others that are just as bad. The unreleased version of Fantastic Four, if you can find it, it even worse than this version of Cap. Available on YouTube is the pilot of Generation X (thank Ged that was never made it into a series to last). Last, but not least, check out the 1975 version of Dr. Strange. This was a made for TV movie that is actually pretty good as far a the story goes.

  2. Doctor Strange is one of the best made for TV Marvel “movies”. For me it didn’t matter cause in the end it was cool just to have any Marvel heroes Ob my TV set!

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