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Capstone Presents Mr. Puzzle the perfect fit for any problem!


Writer and Artist Chris “Elio” Eliopoulos brings the story of Walter, a super smart, all around good dude, and puzzle enthusiast to Free Comic Book Day! An ancient puzzle found in a local museum bestows powers on Walter, turning him into Mr. Puzzle!


The FCBD issue of Mr. Puzzle contains three of his greatest adventures! Mr. Puzzle takes on The Cable TV Stealing Mouse, a Mold Monster, and a Bully Bulldozer! Using his ability to shrink, grow, stretch, and bend to become the perfect fit for any problem! (Get it? Puzzle piece? Perfect fit??)

This is a fun and interesting all-ages book, that doesn’t talk down to its readers. Our hero faces problems that call on him to configure his body in ways that solve the puzzle, that might mean stretching his across the room to unplug the culprit’s illegal cable hookup, or shrinking down small enough to battle a mold monster in the depths of a salad forest!


Notice the reference to the “next page”, I love a comic that isn’t afraid to break the fourth wall. Rebecca, my 7 yr old, finds this very funny and make sure to point it out whenever she finds it.

Another thing I like as a parent, and thankfully my daughter likes as well, “Elio” doesn’t go easy on the words. There’s more than enough to read in the story and it’s definitely on a first to second reading level.


Rebecca (age 7):

Comics like these are a great way for kids to grow their vocabulary, which helps them speak better. And all parents want their kids to read more! When I grow up I want to write books that teach kids more words!

So where do you get it? Well the FCBD issue has come and gone but you can get a preview at the FCBD website I wouldn’t wait too long though the link may be taken down at any moment.

I hear you, I’m telling you about this great book that you can’t get. Fear not my All-Ages Seeking Comic Fan!

The Mr. Puzzle Collection will release on Aug. 1, 2013. It will be a full, 128-page graphic novel for ages 8-11. Check out the trailer:

I’ll post more info as I get it, or you could click over to Capstonekids and take a look at what they have to offer, there are games, puzzles, crafts, and of course news about upcoming books from Capstone!

I’d like to thank my favorite collaborator for her help on this review! Thanks Rebecca! Love You!

* Update – 05-20-13 – We were contacted by Elio who was very impressed with Rebecca’s involvement in the review. So impressed in fact he asked me for our address and sent her,

2013-05-20 15.47.25  2013-05-20 16.18.01

The mini-comic was great and as you can see he wrote her a note on the postcard. I hope he knows that interaction like this with a 7-year-old can help to make her a reader for the rest of her life.

Thanks Elio, you’re a class act!

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