Capstone Celebrates Fire Safety Month with 4 Cool Titles ~ What'cha Reading?

Capstone Celebrates Fire Safety Month with 4 Cool Titles


Capstone is showing off their best fire safety awareness books for their Fire Safety Awareness Month. What is Fire Safety Awareness? In 1925 President Calvin Coolidge made the first Presidential proclamation of Fire Prevention Week, and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has continued to sponsor it internationally. (For more info visit So what does Capstone have to do with this? They’ve decided to promote fire safety for the month and they have 4 books for various ages that do just that.

Capstone Celebrates Fire Safety Month with 4 Cool Titles

Image © Capstone


For the 4 – 7 age group we’ve got…


Big Machines Rescue! By Caterine Veitch

“These fabulous books are a must for any young reader with an interest in vehicles and machines. Each book is filled with amazing machines, fun facts, jokes, and age-appropriate text in colorful boxes. This book takes a close look at machines that come to our rescue including fire engines, lifeboats, and helicopters. Find out which rescue machine is the mightiest of them all!”

Available in Hardcover and Paperback.

Reading Level Grades K-1
Interest Level Grades PreK-1

*Part of the “Big Machines!” series



Show Me Community Helpers: My First Picture Encyclopedia By Clint Edwards

“Seeing is learning with My First Picture Encyclopedias. In Show Me Community Helpers, kids get a just-right reference book about important people like fire fighters, police officers, doctors, and teachers. Tons of facts and photos teach kids about community helpers and the ways they help us every day.”

Available here.

Age Level 4-6 Years
Reading Level Grades PreK-1

*Part of the “Show Me” series


For the 6-9 year olds we get a bit more into my wheelhouse. This is as close to a comic as you’ll find on this list. Done in colorful panels with in panel captions “A Day at the Fire Station” focuses on the men and women who do the job and the equipment they use to do it. Not crazy detailed but seems a great go-to for the young firefighter fan.



A Day at the Fire Station by Lori Mortensen

“What happens at a fire station when the alarm sounds? Firefighters are on the job 24 hours a day. They eat, sleep, and work at the fire station.”

Available here in paperback.

Age Level 6-9 Years
Reading Level Grades 1-2

This one of many titles Lori Mortensen has written for the First Graphics division of Capstone. Illustrator Jeffery Thompson has several books in this series as well. From the preview I saw they definitely make a good visual story telling team.


A list like this wouldn’t be complete without something for the middle-schooler. Firestormers: Elite Firefighting Crew is aimed at the 9-13 set and paints a heroic picture of those who fight wildfires.

firestormersamFirestormers: Elite Firefighting Crew, an exciting middle-grade reader by Carl Bowen.

“From the creator of the acclaimed military series, SHADOW SQUADRON, comes the story of a new combat force, but these heroes fight a very different battle: The war on wildfires. As the climate changes and the population grows, wildland fires increase in number, size and severity.

The National Elite Interagency Wildfire Rapid Response Strike Force recruits the cream of the crop from fire services nationwide—only those willing to fight infernos wherever they pop up.

An elite group of men and women are equipped to take on these immense infernos:  FIRESTORMERS!  Like the toughest military units, they have the courage, the heart and the technology to stand on the front lines against 100-foot walls of 2,000-degree flames. Their gritty, life-or-death missions are sure to make any reader sweat.”

Grab a copy direct from Capstone.

July 2016
$8.95 US
Young Adult Fiction
Ages 9 to 13
224 pages

About the Author
Carl Bowen is a father, husband, and writer living in Lawrenceville, Georgia. He has published a handful of novels, short stories, and comics. For Stone Arch Books and Capstone, Carl has retold 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (by Jules Verne), The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (by Robert Louis Stevenson), The Jungle Book (by Rudyard Kipling), “Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp” (from A Thousand and One Nights), Julius Caesar (by William Shakespeare), and The Murders in the Rue Morgue (by Edgar Allan Poe). Carl’s novel, Shadow Squadron: Elite Infantry, earned a starred review from Kirkus Book Reviews.

About Capstone
Capstone is a leading publisher of children’s books, digital solutions and services, literacy programs, and K–12 professional development resources. Capstone creates content in a variety of print, digital and media formats for school libraries, classrooms, and at home reading. For more information, visit

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