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Capitalism and Other Stories, Go Check Out This Kickstarter


I follow a few indie creators (okay more than a few) and several of them make a large portion of their comics through kickstarter. One of these creators is Devin Leigh Michaels, a former DC Comics intern who’s been published in America’s Got Stories, You Are Not Alone, and Women’s Anthology Volume 3 (GrayHaven Comics), and Twisted Christmas (It’s Like That Studios). She kickstarted her creator owned book Destiny’s Fate and was successfully funded on October 2012, and now the Destiny’s Fate Crew is Back with a bunch of fresh artists to bring you “Capitalism and Other Stories”…

Capitalism and Other Stories, Go Check Out This Kickstarter

A comic anthology with six stories of fantasy, wonder, and science fiction. I was privileged to read three of the six and I was impressed. Not only by the professional level of the art work (from artists I wasn’t readily familiar with) but also the writing.

The first one I read, “And Another Thing..”, Written by Devin and drawn by DF alum Mau Vargas, was a quick twilight zone style look at love and how it endures. It definitely shows the quirky sense of play these creators have…



Next up for me was “Dragon Slobber”, a fantasy/buddy cop piece that left me wondering just how much of this world Devin has already created, there was definitely a back story here worth exploring. Art duties on this one fell to Shannon Fowler. Her deviantArt page shows a really nice range of styles, check out the ongoing(?) “Breakaway” based in what I’m pretty certain is the Mighty Ducks universe.

The third story I perused was “Punking Santa”, again from Devin and Mau. Seems Autumn has a thing for messing with our favorite jolly old elf. But what will she do, and why? It’s a holiday tale full of magic, I just can’t figure out exactly which holiday this story is celebrating…67c92ef9527b78e11cca13291ef7c503_large

So we’ve seen three well written, well drawn stories out of a six story anthology? Hmm sounds like a no-brainer to me. The campaign’s URL is: and it runs until April 3rd. Support indie comics, go toss some bucks into the pot.


Here’s the video from Kickstarter…

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