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Cap #25 – Thor #1 Same Idea, Different Approach?


Cap #25 - Thor #1 Same Idea, Different Approach?Captain America #25
w. Rick Remender
a. Carlos Pacheco

Why?:  Because Captain America is black!!! What next??? A Black President??… a Black Superman??… oh wait..uhmm…never mind. (Sarcasm alert) I got this issue  because I also got the last 24 issues of Rick Remender’s remarkable run, enjoying his take on Cap and the breath of fresh sci-fi air it got post-Brubaker’s excellent super spy story arcs.  So for me, it was just a continuation of the story I, and other true Cap fans have read, and if you’ve been reading it, you saw this coming a mile away. Remender has built the Falcon up for the past 12 issues or so, and regardless of all the naysayers  feelings towards the new Cap, whether they’re purist or a racist, Remender has a story to tell, and it’s a  damn good one.

Captain_America_and_the_Mighty_Avengers_Luke_Ross_Cover-1Sure it’s probably a marketing stunt, Marvel is a business, and sure Steve Rogers will be back (probably around Avengers 2 hitting theaters). Everyone comes back… especially if they rake in the dough (hear that everyone hoarding Death of Wolverine #1s like it’s 1992). I’m looking forward to seeing where the new Cap goes as well as the supporting cast and villains Remender has allowed  to evolve from past story arcs. This was a good finale, which wrapped up threads from all of Remender’s previous work, and sets the stage nicely for the next series. If you have read Cap recently, you can see the transition perfectly and you should have no problem with Sam Wilson stepping into the role. If you haven’t been collecting Cap and just jumped in for the kitsch of it, stay with it for a bit. Remender has a big brain and big ideas fall out onto the comic pages all the time.


4078196-thor_1_coverThor #1
w. Jason Aaron
a. Russel Dauterman

Because you can pretty say the same for Thor that I said for Cap – been collecting, will keep collecting. Not fazed or offended by a female Thor. If you are, you’re probably to busy crying and whining over Black Cap to actually read this book. He’ll be back as well, probably around the same time as well. Aaron has built towards this…blah blah blah.
I do have one complaint, and it’s more editorial/marketing than anything: While having a chin-wag with colleague and fellow Royal comic-monkey, Steven Biscotti, who had already read the issue, Steven told me it felt more like a Point One issue than a #1.
And I have to agree.

After reading it I felt it had the structure of a final issue (in fact it had the same structure asTHOR2014001_cover_StaplesVariant.tiff_ Cap #25 and would have been a great final issue of Thor God of Thunder). Aaron is as sharp as ever, and Dauterman is spectacular. When I saw his work on Cyclops, I said to myself, “he won’t be on this for long. He’s too good for this title.” Love being right! It was an all around Class A issue.
When you get a bunch of people riled about a Lady Thor, you better make with the Lady Thor! C’mon guys, what a tease… the cover of the book shouldn’t be it’s last page. Any newcomer who paid a full $4.99 to check out a female Thor character, really only got about 11¢ worth of her Thor-ness. But enough from me, check out what Mr. Steven “I’m not a cookie” Biscotti has to say about the issue in question when he posts his review.

(*these reviews originally appear in Bob’s Threat Level Wednesday for Oct 01, 2014)

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