My So-Called Geek Life: NYCC Day 4 ~ What'cha Reading?

My So-Called Geek Life: NYCC Day 4


I’m not going to lie, I’ve been experiencing Con fatigue for two days now. Friday night I hallucinated a Jamba Juice in the way a person in the desert might hallucinate an oasis: I was positive it was there because I wanted it to be there so badly. It wasn’t. It was one of the weirdest things to ever happen to me because really, Jamba Juice is what I hallucinate? I always figured it would be Tom Hiddleston. I digress.

This morning when I tapped into the Javits Center, the staff answered my “how are you doing?” with “You look like we feel. Tired.” I was tired. It was 8:30 and I was going to queue up for the Sleepy Hollow panel come hell or high water because I hadn’t hit the main stage yet and figured that doing so would make it the complete NYCC experience. Not too long after 10AM, I had my wristband and was ready to go.

My So-Called Geek Life: NYCC Day 4

(NYCC Protip: starting this year, you queue up first thing in the morning for the Mainstage panels. They eventually give the lucky ones who will fit into the space a wristband, and then you’re free to go until it’s time to queue up again to get seats. First come, first served on the seats, but old hands say this is better than spending your entire day in line and I have to agree. You can get into multiple panels if space allows, you just have to prioritize which one you want to get into first.)


I caught the Dothraki 101 panel with Nancy and Frenchie, found Rosemary in Artist Alley afterwards, and then…well, this is where my NYCC experience differs drastically from the average con-goer, because it’s where Nancy and I went to the Sleepy Hollow roundtable. That’s right, Sleepyheads, we were sitting less than three feet away from Orlando Jones, Lyndie Greenwood, Sakina Jaffrey, Len Wiseman, and Mark Goffman. We’ll have an article on what we learned shortly, but for right now I’ll just say that this was my first press junket and I was nervous. It turned out great, though, and we’ve got a lot of great Sleepy Hollow news to share. And Orlando Jones literally applauded me for having a Ben Franklin tattoo, which is definitely not a typical con experience but was completely awesome. Until I get the write up done, you’ll have to be content with this picture from the event:


Afterwards Nancy and I went to the Sleepy Hollow panel and screening, caught the first half of this week’s episode (so far a 7 on the “don’t watch alone” scale and a 9 on the “Ichabbie” scale). News from the panel will appear in the Sleepy Hollow feature. We closed the day with the Women in Geek Media panel, which was an excellent note to end on.


I’ll have a complete wrap up of my NYCC experience tomorrow when I’ve had time to process it, but at this point I’m sticking with “Best. Con. Ever.” I know I’ve only been to two, but I’ll be hard pressed to beat this one. This time last year I was an absolute NYCC newbie, and this year I feel like I rocked it. 0-80 MPH in the geek lane in a year…not too bad.


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