My So-Called Geek Life: NYCC Day 3 ~ What'cha Reading?

My So-Called Geek Life: NYCC Day 3


I put in a full twelve hours at the Javits Center today, and managed to cram a lot of stuff into that time. I learned yesterday that pacing is the key, and so I just kind of went with the flow of the crowd. In the morning, before it got too crowded, I hit the floor and got the t-shirts I wanted from Titan and stopped by the Reading with Pictures booth to see their new textbook (amazing). Panel buddy Frenchie and I met up and hit the #yesallgeeks panel (I’ll be doing panel write-ups separately), and then cruised the relative calm of Artist Alley with Rosemary and our friend Piera. Bet you didn’t know this guy was in Artist Alley:


That’s Daryl McDaniels. Yes, that Daryl McDaniels.

We grabbed some food, and then I made my way to the Empire Stage for the Doctor Who screening of “Mummy on the Orient Express.” I cut myself plenty of slack on time and wound up getting to the room two hours early. They don’t clear the space between screenings, but enough people were trickling out during the preceding panel that the line was almost constantly moving. So many people left that I actually got in for the Constantine screening and panel, which was an added bonus. I rounded out the night with Who and it was an episode that kicked me right in the feels, but I’m sure we’ll hit that in more detail in our Doctor Who Point/Counterpoint this week.

What are the NYCC Protips from today? I’m glad you asked!

1.) Go with the flow. Your best bets for hitting the show floor on a peak day without going crazy are the first thing in the morning and late in the day.

2.) Artist Alley is a safe haven. The crowds are less over there for some reason, but the cosplay game is stepped up over there. We found these guys in Artist Alley:

3.) Empire Stage is where the party’s at, literally. They have a DJ that supplies music in between screenings and keeps the energy level up. Fifty Whovians doing the Macarena? Sure! Get there early to get a good seat. I got a decent seat for Constantine, but made it up to the second row for the Who screening.

4.) Speaking of Who, if you’re cosplaying the Twelfth Doctor and don’t have your sonic screwdriver out? Most people aren’t going to recognize you as Twelve. His iconic costume element, the red lining of his coat, isn’t as obvious as Eleven’s fez or Ten’s trench coat and Chucks. And it’s still a fairly new character, so there aren’t many people cosplaying him yet. As of day 3, I’ve seen two people do it, including myself. This guy, on the other hand, was way more blatant:

5.) If you’re at the Javits Center for a late panel? You get the Batman gallery practically all to yourself.

Tomorrow is the last day of NYCC, and you bet I’ll be there until they kick me out of the building. It’s geek prom, after all, and I’m not leaving before they play the last song.

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