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My So-Called Geek Life: Baby’s First Super-Sized Con


NYCC-logo-150x150October 2nd marked my six month anniversary writing for What’cha Reading. A year ago, I would never have predicted that I would have a press pass to New York Comic Con, because I hadn’t even attended a Comic Con yet. That’s right, fellow geeks, last year was my first Comic Con. I had heard various friends talk about it for a few years, and I had even gotten caught in a parade of cos-playing fans as I made my way toward the theater in the Fashion District where I was dramaturging a show at the same time as NYCC let out for the night (I honestly had no idea what was happening until someone explained it later). But I had never experienced it for myself, never gone into the insanity that is the Javits Center during NYCC weekend.

Last year, with my Geek Girl squad egging me on, I bought a Sunday pass. Because Sunday, I was told, was a good day to acclimate. Sunday was the slow day, they said. I would get a feel for NYCC without being too overwhelmed. If you were at NYCC last year, you know what a lie that was. As the day wound down, even experienced veterans told me they had never seen crowds like that on a Sunday.

I was lucky. Rosemary was working the Reading with Pictures booth, so I had a home base of sorts even if I didn’t know what the heck RWP was (I volunteered some time with them at NYC: Special Edition last spring to repay them for their hospitality, don’t worry). And Nancy, bless her, took me under her wing by showing me around the floor, introducing me to Artists’ Alley, and brought me with her to some panels. I was introduced to Greg Rucka’s work on Lazarus at one of those panels, and had the good luck to get into the Sleepy Hollow panel that went viral with Nancy and our friend Frenchie. I had the perfect NYCC experience my first time out. A little overwhelming, to be sure, but I got some Christmas shopping in, I went to some great panels, and I got my first real idea of what it means to be a geek. I had been a sci-fi fan for years, but I wasn’t even really reading comics at that point—not for lack of effort on Nancy and Rosemary’s part. NYCC ‘13 was the tipping point, and at one of our subsequent knit nights (yeah, that’s how we met, we’re fiber geeks), I asked them to take me to Midtown Comics and load me up. They did, and a few months later I asked if they thought I would be a good fit for What’cha Reading. I made my debut here in April and haven’t looked back.

In the months since, I’ve covered some smaller scale cons, like NYC: Special Edition and Steel City Con. I’ve covered some panels at those cons and some independent events. But now I’ve got a press pass for NYCC ’14, and I am like a five-year-old in a candy store: I want to check in with all the artists, I want to go to all the booths, I want to be at all the panels. “My Schedule” on my NYCC app is double and triple booked, and I know it’s going to be like Sophie’s Choice when I get there on Thursday and have to make my final decisions about where I’ll be…I just want everything, and I’ve decided to bring you guys along for the ride.

This is My So-Called Geek Life…this is what it’s like to go from 0-80 mph in a year, from a casual fan to an active participant. Buckle up, possums. I think it’s going to be fun.

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Julie Hegner has been descending the geek rabbit hole since she watched her first episode of Star Trek at age eight. A longtime fan of Trek, Who, X-Files, and the Whedonverse, it was only a matter of time until hanging out with other geek girls and repeatedly watching Tom Hiddleston led her to the awesomeness of comics. She takes a special joy in reading about ladies who kick ass, but in general anything with a good storyline floats her boat. You can tweet @julz91 on Twitter.

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