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Calavera the Undead – And a Zombie Chick will save the world.


Rocker chick Calavera takes a flying leap off a building on the Day of the Dead, 1989. When she comes to, it’s 2012, her apartment’s been leased out, and her records are all gone. (The new tenant kept her t-shirts, though – score!) Calavera ultimately discovers that she died that night in 1989, and that she’s kind of a zombie without the hungering for brains, who happens to be possessed by the spirit of a demon named Baazedon. He needs her help in saving the world, which also happens to be experiencing the beginning stages of a zombie apocalypse.


Sound crazy? It is. But the thing is, it’s GOOD. Calavera is insanely fun reading and has some kickass art. There’s a good storyline laid out, and the main character obviously has a chip on her shoulder that I’m interested in learning more about. Artist and writer Nevin Arnold has a potentially hot title here – I’m giving it a high three out of five skulls, because I want to see more.

Calavera The Undead Issue 1 Pg 1 Preview comicPageSpecs  comicPageSpecs

comicPageSpecs  Calavera The Undead Issue 1 Back Cover Preview

Calavera the Undead is available online right now, for only 99 cents! Go check it out! Want to see more? Check out the trailer:

Writer: Nevin Arnold
Artist: Nevin Arnold
Publisher: Hangman Comics
Price: 99 cents
On-Sale: Right now

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