C2E2 Day 1 Recap & What's To Come! ~ What'cha Reading?

C2E2 Day 1 Recap & What’s To Come!


Following New York Toy Fair, the first major convention is finally upon us and it brought us all the way from the Big Apple to the Windy City.  Courtesy of ReedPop, we are attending one of the largest conventions in Chicago and after a busy but surprisingly quiet Friday, we’re now preparing for today (Saturday, 3/19th) and tomorrow (Sunday, 3/20th) at South McCormick Place.  Will you be attending?  Are you constantly hitting refresh on your web browser to keep up to date with all the latest news?  Here’s some of What’cha Reading’s highlights for the inaugural day of C2E2.

I.  Comic Publishers

zenescope booth

 Zenescope, a publisher whose titles I review here on the site, had a heavy presence at C2E2 this year.  John Lyons, the director of sales and marketing, was on-hand showing off Zenescope’s newest issues, trade paperbacks and graphic novels.  There were even some Chicago-themed C2E2 exclusive variant covers and prints on hand.  John was even kind enough to sit down and chat about what Zenescope has to offer so stay tuned for that.

II.  Toy Companies


Each con we go to, Diamond Select Toys‘ is normally there.  This time, DST occupies both their traditional booth set up, showcasing their upcoming line up of everything from minimates to new statues.  Diamond Select Toys now is operating an actual store from C2E2, as well.  For those like us, (and if you’re attending), you may want to check out their panel being held this Sunday, March 20th.

III.  Movie Presence

bvs c2e2

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad are DC’s newest blockbuster films waiting to be released and they were featured at C2E2.  There was a booth giving away mid-sized Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman posters and holding round-the-clock raffles for 27 x 40″ poster packs from each movie.  It was easy to tell where the booth was because there was always a crowd surrounding it.

IV.  Cosplay

ripley cosplay

Seeing the many cosplayers is always fun and maybe sometimes a little frightening too.  However, taking the top prize for our own cosplay spotlight was this fan dressed as Ellen Ripley from the film series Alien.

She even had Jones too!

V.  Artist Alley:


You cannot have a con without an Artist Alley.  There were plenty of artists lined up side-by-side showing off their work to curious, amazed and adoring C2E2 attendees.  We had the privilege of meeting with David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, two of the creative minds behind The Only Living Boy; and Ben Templesmith of “The Squidder” and “30 Days of Night” fame..

Stay tuned for more on C2E2 here at What’cha Reading.

(Joe Grodensky & Steven Biscotti)

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