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C is for Cthulhu – Learn the Alphabet the Lovecraft Way!


C is for Cthulhu - Learn the Alphabet the Lovecraft Way!I was lucky enough to get in on the C is for Cthulhu board book Kickstarter last month, and I am so glad I did. A board book that teaches toddlers about Lovecraft and his universe? On it. A campaign that hit its goal in three days, so they added amazing stretch goals AND donated copies of the book to libraries with every $750 above goal they hit? All over this.

I’ll get my board book, poster, and I ::Heart:: Lovecraft button in December, but I’ve already received my deluxe digital edition of the book, which is just fantastic. From “A is for Abdul Alhazred…” to “Z is for Zombies”, every picture is just gorgeous, with rich colors. The whole Lovecraft gang is here: H.P. himself, the Great Cthulhu, Yog Soggoth, Tiara of Dagon, Miskatonic, the Necronomicon – it’s all here, made darkly adorable for little eyes. Cthulhu sleeping isn’t menacing here, it’s adorable. The Unnamable? He’s here – “Unnamable, yes. Unlovable, no.” My 2 year-old is now versed in Lovecraft in ways that I am convinced will put him at the head of the class in preschool.

l is for lovecraft

I’m only half joking. Why not start kids off early?  Jason Ciaramella and Greg Murphy prove that you can bring classic works of horror to kids without the insanity, books bound with human flesh thing. If Dracula and Frankenstein can hang out in a monster resort together in Hotel Transylvania, why can’t Lovecraft and his monsters get their day in the preschool sun? Ciaramella and Murphy included a small classroom/library level in the Kickstarter, and 13 people bought in at that level, so clearly, I’m not alone in my thinking.

I’m thrilled that these books are going to libraries, and I’m psyched to have a copy of my own to add to my little one’s burgeoning library.

I just found out that there’s a limited time window where you can order a copy of C is for Cthulhu even if you didn’t buy into the Kickstarter. Hit ComixTribe’s shop and pick one up for $15. Makes a great baby shower gift, or, let’s be honest – even if you don’t have kids, you want this book.

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