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Bruce Lee Lives! In Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises #1 from Darby Pop


Bruce Lee Lives! In Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises #1 from Darby PopDo you like action? Do you like intrigue? How about Kung Fu? Yea? Then let me tell you this is the book for you!

Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises chronicles the return of the beloved actor, philosopher, teacher and — of course — martial artist in a present-day, all-ages comedy/action/adventure comic book co-written by Bruce’s own daughter, Shannon Lee, and Jeff Kline (founder of Darby Pop Publishing, writer of Indestructible comic book series, and Award-winning Hollywood writer-producer). The specially-priced, double-sized first issue hits shelves on April 6, 2016 from Darby Pop Publishing and Bruce Lee Enterprises.
This book was a lot of fun. It’s a fast paced quip filled buddy cop style book. It takes on all that and remains all-ages and accessible to fans young and old. The fact that his daughter Shannon Lee, who runs the Bruce Lee Foundation as well as Bruce Lee Enterprises, is involved makes it all the more worth picking up.
Shannon had a few words about the project, “I’m so excited to have our first official Bruce Lee comic book coming out for ALL AGES. It’s long been a dream of mine to introduce my father and his amazing legacy of action and philosophy to a whole new generation, and a comic book is a super fun way to do that.” “My father and the way he lived his life have been a daily inspiration for me, and I’ve dedicated a big part of my life to finding ways to keep his message alive in the world. I hope you enjoy our book and develop your own passion for Bruce Lee and his phenomenal legacy of courageous action!”
By now you’re probably wondering about the plot, well Bruce Lee is back in modern day California, not a day older than when he died in 1973? With few clues and bad guys on his tail he locates an old associate and together, with the help of a couple of kids, they begin to unravel a forty year old mystery. And the mystery seems deep enough to easily carry this title through the first few issues.
Here are some pages to whet your appetite:
BLRise04 BLRise05
BLRise06 BLRise07
Artist Brandon McKinney does an admirable job of drawing Bruce Lee’s likeness without ever resorting to tracing and I’m no Kung Fu master but the fight sequences are well drawn also. Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises #1 is well done and it’s bound to find an audience with fans of Bruce Lee’s legacy as well as comic book fans in general.
Get your copy at your local comic shop this Wednesday April 6th!
Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises #1
Writer: Kline, Jeff
Artist: McKinney, Brandon
Cover Artist: Chang, Bernard
Bruce Lee never died. And he hasn’t aged. But, Bruce has no idea who he is or why so many ‘thugs’ want a piece of him. Co-written by Bruce’s daughter, Shannon Lee, and Jackie Chan Adventures EP Jeff Kline. With alternate Frank Cho cover. Double-sized first issue!
Price: $3.99
On Sale April 06, 2016
Publisher Darby Pop
Diamond Id: FEB161645

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