Brooke Ence, Atlantean in Justice League? #itmakesence

Brooke Ence, Atlantean in Justice League? #itmakesence


UPDATE: Brooke Ence will appear in Wonder Woman as an Amazon.  This has been confirmed via Brooke Ence’s Instagram account and various reports regarding filming in Italy.

brooke ence

(L to R) Brooke Ence, Robin Wright, and Angharad James

Crossfit athlete Brooke Ence in Aquaman?  #itmakesence

(#itmakesence is a hashtag Brooke Ence frequently uses on social media.)

Brooke Ence

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Who is Brooke Ence?  Why would she be in Aquaman?  What does a Crossfit athlete have to do with the upcoming production slate of DC Films?  After a little research and some good, ole’ fashioned detective work that would make Batman proud, it seems highly likely that more wheels are turning behind the scenes of Warner Bros. Aquaman world than of what many may realize.

  • First, Brooke Ence is a 26 year old Californian, Crossfit athlete, that has a popular following of 371k followers on Instagram, 11.3k on Twitter, and 56,175 likes on Facebook.

aquamanWith Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opening properly tonight at 6 pm, with its debut Friday, March 25th, it’s no secret that production has already begun on Justice League Part One.  Filming which is set to begin next month, April 2016, already has seen many of the cast members arrive in the U.K. like Ray Fisher (Vic Stone/Cyborg), Ezra Miller (Barry Allen/The Flash), Henry Cavill (Clark Kent/Superman), and the one and only Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry/Aquaman).  So with most of the cast in London, along with the filmmakers making the cinematic dream a reality for the DC fanboys around the world (such as myself), it’s interesting to take note of all the players behind the mythological seven.

I’ve been following Jason Momoa (@PRIDEOFGYPSIES) on Instagram for a while now.  I’ve also been following Brooke Ence (@brookeence) for a few months after her Instagram feed would cross with mine every so often under “Explore Posts.”  Last week, on March 14th, Brooke Ence posted a photo of her alongside three other people; one of them most notably being Producer Charles Roven (The Dark Knight TrilogyMan of SteelBatman v Superman).  You could see the image below:

Brooke Ence

Brooke Ence on left; Charles Roven on right. Image via

Cheers to new life experiences, new friends, and truly training as a triple threat. #letsdothis …

On Jason Momoa’s Instagram feed, seven days ago (of this writing) posted a picture of him with Zack Snyder’s go-to-trainer Mark Twight of Gym Jones and, you guessed it, Brooke Ence!  “Building the monster… Takes an army…” Momoa wrote alongside his post.

Brooke Ence

Mark Twight (L); Momoa (M); Brooke Ence (R). Image via

The very first image released of pre-production on Justice Legaue Part One was of Zack Snyder and Jason Momoa together with countless easter eggs behind them.  One of them teasing Mera, we all know that Amber Heard has been cast as the strong female lead alongside Momoa’s King of Atlantis.  There have been rumors of Justice League Part One borrowing heavily from Geoff Johns’ Justice League: Throne of Atlantis story arc that took place in the New 52.  #Itmakesence considering it would be a wise move to set up the world of Atlantis in a way that gets audiences familiar and excited for the solo film for Aquaman (July 2018); not unlike WB/DC’s inclusion of Gal Gadot’s scene stealing debut as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman, a full year ahead of her solo film in June of 2017.

cb2xyv5viaeosnoBut while it would seem possible and likely that Brooke Ence could be incorporated into the film (not necessarily in a starring capacity) in Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman as a supporting background as one of the Amazons of Themyscira, that film is already near completion.  Buuut Justice Legaue Part One is not.  It’s only getting ready to start filming.  And if not in the role of an Amazon, Brooke Ence could certainly be that of an Atlantean!  Does that logic seem right to you?

All things considered, with Brooke Ence’s considerable background in Crossfit (she’s ranked number 5), it’s pretty likely that she could just be a new part of the training team for Warner Bros. and DC’s slate of “extended universe” films.  However with her alongside producer Charles Roven and then alongside Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, I’d tend to think she’s probably involved in some capacity with the cast side of production.

It may be a while before we have answers, and it may just be a stretch of the imagination, but if you ask me, #itmakesence

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens everywhere March 25th.  Get your tickets now.

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  1. Uhhh not sure if you just don’t do your research mate, but Brooke Ence has made it pretty clear she is going to be in WW and JL or AM, to the point of actually talking about doing so and showing her training or the roles in her videos.

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