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Broadchurch Season 2 Links The Doctor Who, DC, and Marvel Universes!


Broadchurch Season 2 Links The Doctor Who, DC, and Marvel Universes

I really enjoyed season one of Broadchurch, the British crime series starring David Tennant, as Alec Hardy, a broken police detective investigating the murder of a young boy. The series has returned with a second run and the cast of this one has some really fun connections to both the Doctor Who universe and both Marvel and DC’s television universes.

First and foremost David himself, the linchpin, after starring in Doctor Who for 5 years it’s not odd that he’s worked with many actors who cross paths on different projects but the producers of Broadchurch seem to really enjoy stacking the deck.

First here’s a bunch of actors who’ve appeared on Doctor Who through the years.

Alec Hardy’s reluctant partner DS Ellie Miller is played by Olivia Colman. Olivia played “Mother” in the 2010 episode “The 11th Hour” against the newly regenerated 11th Doctor Matt Smith.

Jonathan Bailey, season 2 Broadchurch’s Olly Stevens, played Psi on the 2014 episode of Doctor Who entitled “Time Heist”.

Adjoa Andoh was in Doctor Who on 8 separate occasions. She played the mother of Martha Jones, a companion to The Doctor. She also played as Sister Jatt in the episode “New Earth”.

Even Judge Bennett, Daniel Hill, has a tenuous connection to The Doctor as well. Seems he had a role in the 1992 video release Doctor Who: Shada.

And then there’s the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood.

The new case Alec Hardy faces in season 2 isn’t all that new (nope no spoilers here) and a principal in that case is Claire Ripley who is played by the lovely and talented Eve Myles. Eve is not only one of the leads, Gwen Cooper, in the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, she also played the same character three times on Doctor Who during David’s run.

Matthew Gravelle, who reprises his role as season one’s accused killer Joe Miller, has the honor of being a Torchwood alum. He played a doctor, no not The Doctor, on the 2007 Torchwood episode “End of Days.”

Now I’m not new to television, lots of actors cross from show to show, in the US market it’s very common to see the same people on shows like Law and Order, Criminal Minds, CSI and playing spot the character actor is always a fun game. And Broadchurch season one had no less than 18 actors who had appeared in the Doctor Who universe. So if the examples above don’t amuse you let me put one more thing forward…

  • Season one and two brought Arthur Darvill to the role of Broadchurch’s minister, Rev. Paul Coates. Those of you following super hero tv news will no doubt remember Arthur will be (is) the lead, Rip Hunter, in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.
  • And we all know David Tennant is currently starring as Kilgrave, the wonderfully psychotic villain on Marvel’s Jessica Jones.
  • This season on Broadchurch the new suspect is played by none other than James D’Arcy. James has the distinction of playing Edwin Jarvis, the Stark family butler and confidant to Peggy Carter in Marvel’s Agent Carter.

That could mean, in all probability, at some point, Kilgrave, Rip Hunter, and Edwin Jarvis were sitting in a pub enjoying a beverage together. That would be a photograph worth having.

Broadchurch Season 2 Links The Doctor Who, DC, and Marvel Universes

Broadchurch season 2 and Marvel’s Jessica Jones are currently streaming on Netflix. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be premiering in 2016. And Agent Carter returns with season 2 January 19th 2016.

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