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Brick Loot March Subscription Box!


Brick Loot March Subscription Box!I am a LEGO® fanatic. My children and I build with LEGO® (and other building toys) almost every day. So when I started checking out different subscription services I knew Brick Loot was going to be a necessity. My only criteria in subscription services are reasonable price and a one-month option (I don’t like the idea of leveraging 3 months in cost against an unknown service). Brick Loot has one month ($27.00 Month + Shipping), three-month ($25.00 Month + Shipping) and six month ($23.00 Month + Shipping) packages so it seemed a perfect fit. So what do you get for your money?

Brick Loot, conceived 9-year-old Parker Krex (and backed by his parents),  is a subscription service offering LEGO® style building blocks, kits, and accessories. Subscribers receive a monthly box filled with 4-8 “unique, custom and never-before-seen items” that work with and compliment LEGO® and similar style building blocks.

Sounds good, but how does it bear out? Let’s see what we got this month…


First we’re going to go right for the piece I have the least experience with, the nanoblock® Hot Rod (kit number NBH_072). It retails for $26.99 from the nanoblock® site (take a look on google, your mileage may vary).

Brickloot0315NanoblockHotRod01 Brickloot0315NanoblockHotRod02

The set is rated 8+ (but it’s listed in the 10 – 12 age group on the site) and that’s no joke. The directions list 10 steps. The set has “over 300 pieces”, believe it or not several steps have over 30 pieces to assemble. To get a better grasp of what these pieces look like, the smallest brick is 4mm x 4mm x 5mm. That is crazy small. So small in fact there’s a nice note at the top of the directions that says “Use needle nose pliers or tweezers for easy separation of connected blocks.”


This is not a nanoblock® review though (maybe I’ll build it and we can discuss later in the week). So let’s move along shall we?

Brickloot0315BL500-01Next we have what is one of my favorite things in the box, and the biggest reason I’ll probably continue this subscription service. The “Exclusive Build – BL500 Sports Convertible” created by BrickBuildersPro isn’t the best LEGO® car design I’ve ever seen but that’s neither here nor there. What makes it cool is that it’s a custom build using actual LEGO® bricks. So on top of having a cool build you get more bricks to toss into the collection!

The only drawback is that the instructions aren’t included. The build instructions have to be downloaded/saved from a website. At first I thought it was just a way to get me to the BrickBuilderPro website but in fact it was just a link to the instructions alone so I’m kind of puzzled as to why they just didn’t include them in the package. But again they sent bricks!


The kit contains approximately 60 LEGO® bricks, none that are too rare but definitely useful.

Going hand in hand with the custom build is another very cool brick…


The “Light Kit” from Lightup Blocks can be used to give the BL500 working headlights! The clear 2×3 brick holds two replaceable batteries and a switch and has two ultra thin wires that run to two clear LED bulbs encased in studs. The resulting light is clear and bright. I cannot wait to use it in so many different builds! Cars, planes, robots, heck Iron Man’s hands could light up! Too cool!



Brickloot0315ThreeinOne01Next up is the limited run Brick Loot “3 Play” building set. If you’re a LEGO® builder you know this type of set well. This one is a plane, helicopter, and boat set. I enjoy the building and rebuilding different things with the same set, my kids on the other hand? They pick the one they like and want to keep it that way. It’s a good set, the pieces though made in china are good quality and will definitely come into play in later builds.



And finally, rounding out this month’s box we have PlayTape! A four-inch wide tape printed to look like road, it’s really cool! I was introduced to this product at ToyFair2015 and have really enjoyed the product. It’s sturdy and re-positionable. If you’re the type of builder who like to set up vignettes this is a must.

Brickloot0315Playtape00 Brickloot0315Playtape01

PlayTape comes in 2 inch and 4 inch wide rolls, styles include paved road (in multiple colors), off-road, train and trolley tracks, even overgrown train tracks. It retails between $7.99 and $12.99. You can get yours at or a host of local retailers.

So what’s the verdict? Well if you add up the two pieces that have actual retail prices you top $40 so the cash value is obvious. Now add in the 8o+ bricks (between the two builds) and the special “Light Kit” brick and I think it’s safe to say this box far surpasses any expectations I could have had. I’m definitely letting this subscription run for a few more months. How about you? Have you tried Brick Loot? Are you enough of a brick addict to check it out?

If you’re game why not try them out? Here’s a coupon code:

Take 10% off Brick Loot – Ultimate Subscription Box for LEGO® & BRICK lovers. (10% off 1 or 3 Months) Coupon: LEGO3

Why not stop check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Oh! By the way! Brick Loot also has a contest.


All they ask is that you do an unboxing video, highlighting the contests of the month’s box and if your video is picked you could win sevden LEGO® sets from the NEW SPEED CHAMPIONS COLLECTION!

So of course yours truly had to do a video (yeesh), check it out below…


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