Boston Comic Con: Day Two ~ What'cha Reading?

Boston Comic Con: Day Two


Whoa. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. The lineup started early this morning for folks without tickets, two local coffee/deli joints closed because they ran out of foodstuffs, and it looked like New York or San Diego up in here. There is a glorious amount of cosplay here – in addition to the usual gaggle of Deadpools and Batmen, I saw a few Rat Queens, a Merida (from Brave), Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and a Daredevil. Sweet! The Dunkin’ Donuts right next door was chock full of cosplayers having their coffee – what a cool sight.


Okay, to the show! Today, Deena Pagliarello debuted her noir comic, Lost Angels, and I loved it. I fell in love with her art yesterday, when I bought a Frozen bookmark. Lost Angels has a great beginning – women who are no damsels in distress in a noir post-World War II Los Angeles. I can’t wait to see more!








I also got to meet Gail Simone again, and got a copy of Leaving Megalopolis signed. And yes. I fangirled. I can’t help it. Because, Gail. I apologize for nothing.


I’m psyched that the guys from Zindan were there, too. I met them back in June at NY Special Edition, when the co-creators were first promoting the upcoming comic, telling the tale of two brothers and their journey to defend mankind. The book is going to draw on Persian myth and history, which is something I’m excited to see. I got to meet the series penciler, Sajad Shah, and saw some of the pages in progress – this is beautiful stuff, and I can’t wait to see more.

Mike, my hubs, was so enamored of Onrie Kompan’s new book, Yi Soon Shin, that we made a beeline back there today and picked up the two issues of the second installment, Fallen Avenger. He’s already read them, and Onrie, if you’re reading – his only complaint is that he has to wait for Issue 3! The art is gorgeous, it’s a great, epic storyline, and it’s a book you should pick up.

All in all, it was a packed, great con today. There’s a great vibe in the room, everyone has been respectful of one another and friendly, and I think Boston will be a regular occurrence for us. Tomorrow’s the last day, and then we wend our weary way home. Which will give me time to catch up on all the reading I need to do.

I’ll be tweeting out more art and goodies from my @roesolo Twitter!

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  1. Deena Pagliarello on

    AWW! Thank you so much for your support! (plus the follow on Twitter!) I love that you bought a bookmark, and I’m so happy you like the comic. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there in person but hopefully I’ll be able to make it out next year.

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