Boston Comic Con: Day One ~ What'cha Reading?

Boston Comic Con: Day One


What a first day! This is my first year at Boston Comic Con, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last. It was a great atmosphere, manageable and friendly crowds, and so many great artists and writers that love their craft and want to talk about it. I must have been introduced to a half dozen new titles at least today, just wandering over when someone said, “Hey, want to hear about my new book?” (Always say yes.)


I got to see my old college buddy, Sara Wooley – and restocked on some goodies that I can’t discuss just yet, because they’re gifts for some of the other WhatchaReaders. She has some fantastic ideas in the pipeline for New York Comic Con, and her art has ethereal and moody beauty to it that I just love.

Next up, my husband picked up a 4-book series, Yi Soon Shin by Onrie Kompan. It’s a true story about how the Koreans pushed the Japanese out of Korea in the late 16th century. Kompan was so passionately behind this book, that Mike (that’s the hubs) bought the set – and has already finished them, declaring that he’s going back for more tomorrow. He loved the art, he loved the story, and it looks like Mr. Kompan has a new fan. I’ll make sure to sit down with this series and report back. Check him out at Booth D303.

I met the nicest guys over at Wayward Raven! I picked up the first issue of their book, Horsemen – and got a free print/sneak peek at issue #2 with my issue! The book is promising – the Four Horsemen are defending freedom, as the galaxy is being stripped of its diversity and freewill. A new Death has joined the horsemen, and this issue is really about him getting his feet wet (so to speak). The art is pretty solid, and once I get a little more exposition in future issues, I think this will be a book to watch. The guys are great, so make sure to visit them at D406 if you’re at the Con!


The man, the myth, the legend – Tyler James is at the ComixTribe booth, which is chock FULL of Red Ten and Oxymoron hardcovers.

20140808_144944   20140808_144959   20140808_144949

Look at these beauties. If you participated in their Red Ten Kickstarter, you should be getting your goodies any day now. I can’t wait for my copy! Tyler was awesome – it’s the first time we’ve met in person, but I’ve been a Red Ten/Oxymoron fan for a while now. He’s got other ComixTribe books at the booth, including SCAM Crosswords and their new book, And Then Emily Was Gone (which I’ll be reviewing after Con). Go see ComixTribe at C818 and check out The Red Ten!

What would a Con be if I didn’t get to hang out with M3’s one and only Erica Schultz? A sad, empty experience. I missed out on the baked goods (but I’ll get some tomorrow), but I did get issue #7 of M3 – and she’s got all the way to 10, folks! – and her new comic (with Claire Connelly), The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: A Documentary. Which is going crazy fast, so I’m glad I snatched up my copy. She’s over at D507 – go buy M3!

I got to see so many great things today – I met Babs Tarr, the new Batgirl artist (who is so nice); Katie Cook, who is selling the greatest cat-related artwork and mini-comics on the planet; and Deena Pagliarello, who will be debuting her Lost Angels comic this weekend at Con. (Deena also has some great art at her booth, D314.) It was a great first day, and I know I’m leaving so much out – I hope Chuck will be able to fill in some gaps.

More tomorrow!





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