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BOOnana Tail Halloween Special!


The best way to get more people reading comics is to start them young. Not to mention I have never met a child who loved comics as a kid who didn’t grow up to be a lover of books. With these thoughts in mind I always appreciate all-age comics. The more material that is out there for the young ones the more readers we can grow. Boonana Tail is a fun book for just that.

BOOnana Tail Halloween Special!

Banana Tail is a monkey with a penchant for getting into trouble, as if there’s any other kind. He and his friends get into a number of Halloween flavored mishaps, with quite a few scares for them along the way. The book is a collection of stories, perfect for short attention spans. They characters are cute and likable. I loved the lushness of the art, it’s a bit above the average kid comic.

I’m giving the Boonana Tail Halloween Special 3.5 out of 5 stars. Unfortunately it’s not out in time for Halloween as it releases Wednesday but it’s worth grabbing for your young readers regardless of the day. In the meantime you can check out the Bananatail website.

Here’s a peek:

BTAILS_RC_1_01_color_lores copyBOOnana Tail
(W) Mark McKenna & Various
(A/CA) Jim Calafiore & Various

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