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BOOM! Studios Butterfly – An Interesting Start


I’m a big fan of spy stuff. Having owned my first pair of Emma Peel boots at the tender age of 3, I am particularly fond of female spies or assassins. The ones who are well written use their combination of soft femininity and cores of steel to make them completely fascinating. And badass, don’t forget badass. Into this genre comes Butterfly, the story of a delta agent who unwittingly becomes the target instead of the weapon.

Butterfly - An Interesting Start

Butterfly is the ultimate deep cover agent. She has no name, no social security number. She is truly a phantom. Out on a supposedly routine assignment, one by one things start to go horribly wrong. All the safety nets built-in for her fail and she has no idea where to turn. As she follows one slim lead she realizes she’s been set up. By who and why are the questions she must find the answers to.

Butterfly left me a little cold. While I enjoyed the story and the writing, I found the art confusing. I kept having to go back a page or two because I didn’t completely understand what had just happened. To some extent that may have been purposeful, as Butterfly herself is in a situation she doesn’t completely understand but it really detracted a great deal from what was otherwise an interesting issue. Things did get clearer later so I’m hopeful it won’t be a regular problem in the series.

I’m going to give Butterfly a 4 out of 5 for story but a 3 out of 4 for overall presentation. I’m hanging in for the next issue with high hopes for improvement.

Butterfly #1
Writer: Amel, Arash
Artist: Fuso, Antonio
Cover Artist: Noto, Phil
On Sale: September 24, 2014
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Diamond Id: JUL140987
Price: $3.99
UPC: 84428400411400100

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