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BOOM! Heals Our Sleepyhead Hearts with an Origins One-Shot!


Oh, my Sleepyheads, I know. We’ve just finished season two, no one has any idea what the hell is happening with season three, and a whole bunch of us are more than a little disgruntled that Nicole Behaire and possibly Orlando Jones weren’t invited to do commentary on the DVD set (days later, I am still frothing at the mouth about this in amounts that would give Old Yeller a run for his money). BOOM! has some news that should serve as a balm for our troubled hearts and minds. They’ve got a new Sleepy Hollow one-shot coming April 8th! I loved the four-part series that BOOM did over the fall and winter, and the one-shot sounds like it’s going to be just as great. More details about it below the Ichabbie picture.

BOOM! Heals Our Sleepyhead Hearts with an Origins One-Shot!

BOOM! Studios’ forthcoming stand-alone issue Sleepy Hollow: Origins, which is comprised of five short stories. It sheds light on the backstories and history of several characters from the TV series, including Ichabod Crane, Detective Abbie Mills, Jenny Mills, Henry Parrish, and the Hessian. Written by Mike Johnson (Supergirl) and illustrated by Sons of Anarchy artist Matías Bergara, Johnson worked closely with the writers of the show, so the stories here are considered officially part of canon. Fans will get to discover Abbie’s first days on the job, Jenny’s time in an institution, and how Ichabod turned his back on King and Country. They’ll also learn how Henry was born as one of the Horseman of the Apocalypse, and relive the Hessian’s life as Abraham.

The Sleepy Hollow: Origins one-shot goes on sale in comic shops on April 8th with a cover by Joe Quinones (Howard the Duck) for the price of $4.99 under Diamond order code FEB151134. The Final Order Cutoff deadline for retailers is March 16th. If your readers need a resource to help them find where their nearest comic book shop is, they can use or The one-shot is also available for order directly from our webstore at

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