BOOM! Gives Sleepyheads Something to Look Forward To

BOOM! Gives Sleepyheads Something to Look Forward To


unnamed(1)Season three of Sleepy Hollow won’t start airing until October 1, and Sleepyheads are still on the fence with how they feel about it (no Orlando Jones, the casting of a “sexy” Betsy Ross, and a Bones/Sleepy crossover are all very real concerns for the fandom), but there is good news for all of us: BOOM! is coming out with a four-part Sleepy Hollow comic miniseries starting in August. Sleepy Hollow: Providence features a new artistic team from BOOM!’s previous Sleepy books, with writer Eric Carrasco and artist Victor Santos. Carrasco worked on season two of Sleepy, which ostensibly means that the book is going to be rooted in show canon (a good or a bad thing, depending on your perspective). BOOM!’s description of the miniseries is certainly tantalizing, though:

“Jenny returns to Sleepy Hollow with an ancient artifact she’s discovered: a mysterious shard of metal with untold power. But as Ichabod and Abbie investigate, the artifact attracts a demonic biker gang called The Wild Hunt, ready to cut down anyone who stands in their way.”

“The Wild Hunt” is an ancient folk myth about a phantasmal, spectral group of huntsmen with horses and hounds in mad pursuit across the skies…will this gang of bikers be the spectral hunters? Given Sleepy‘s frequent use of various myths in its storytelling, it seems likely.

Issue #1 of Sleepy Hollow: Providence will be released on August 12. In the meantime, here’s some preview art to tide you over.



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