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Boom! gets Sons of Anarchy, Papercutz lands the WWE?

0 posted articles this morning about two possibly huge stories.


Sons of Anarchy is a big show, with 70 (ish) episodes and a ton of great press, for the comic franchise to land in the lap of the fourth (fifth?) largest company is surprising to say the least. It’s been said it won’t be easy to adapt but after six seasons there is definitely enough material to work with, now the question becomes who and when.

25956WWEPapercutz-lgThen we have Papercutz, Jim Salicrup’s up and coming company has done well with some strong offerings, Smurfs, Annoying Orange, Ninjago, even Benny Brickhouse was given good reviews but WWE? We haven’t seen wrestling comics anywhere since the WCW in the 90’s (which I’ve been assured were horrible), then there’s the question of content. Is this going to go a similar route to that of Action Labs NFL Rush Zone, with superhero type stories set in a universe all their own? Or will they go in the vein of Image comic’s “Heart” the biographical action mini series set in the “real life” cage fighting universe from writer and tv personality Blair Butler.

Rest assured we have emails out to the companies and when we get more info you can be sure we’ll post about it here at

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