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BookExpo Review – Herobear and the Kid Vol 1: The Inheritance


BookExpo Review - Herobear and the Kid Vol 1: The InheritanceEveryone who knows me, knows I am a sentimental wuss. I love stories about magic and believing, even when common sense tells you not to.  Mostly I love stories where love is the most powerful magic of all, not in the romantic sense but the love that children have. The kind that’s pure and powerful enough to defeat all evil. Herobear and The Kid is all about that power and the power of believing.

Ten year old Tyler has just lost his grandfather. His family has inherited the grandfather’s house, so they move to a new town. Once there Tyler has to make friends, fit in and avoid ticking off the local bullies. This is all a little too much to accomplish, so his first day goes pretty badly. Luckily for him his grandfather also left him his own inheritance, a small stuffed polar bear and a seemingly broken watch.  Of course nothing is as it seems. A bump on the nose causes his bear to come to life and grow to be a 10 foot tall superhero and the watch tells him whether someone is truly bad or if there’s still good in them. It also alerts them to when they’re needed, so Tyler and Herobear can go fight bad guys. Tyler seems to have also inherited an adversary, one who knew his grandfather quite well.

I’m not sure I even have the words to describe the love I have for this book. It touched me in a million different ways and made me want to hand it to children in the street. I’d give it to their parents as well, if I thought they’d read it. The art is simple black and white, with the red showing for Herobear’s cape, but so beautifully done. Much like Calvin and Hobbes, you feel like you’re looking through a child’s eyes. The story is entertaining as well. I was completely caught up in Tyler’s adventures and I was dying to see how this was all going to play out. When the twist came in, I was delighted. It was sweet, touching and a little surprising.

I’m giving Herobear and the Kid five out of five stars. A beautifully written, fun, touching all ages story. I’m looking forward to reading more of their adventures together.

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