Glassware for the Book Geek from UncommonGreen ~ What'cha Reading?

Glassware for the Book Geek from UncommonGreen


We get a lot of emails from companies showing off “geek stuff” that our readers might like. We’re very particular about what makes it through to you. UncommonGreen sent us an email just before Christmas touting “unique, yet romantic, Valentine’s gifts.” I figured I’d take a look.

Mixed into a collection called SMART BARWARE are glasses that feature math, science, literature, history, and typography-themed products which definitely piqued my interest. What blew me away was the 11 oz. rock glasses that have passages from some of my (and maybe your) all-time favorite novels. Thirteen classics by my count, including Frankenstein, War of The Worlds, Treasure Island, Sherlock Holmes just to name a few. That may sound mildly interesting and it would be if it just featured a passage. Each of these glasses feature the opening to the novel, along with the title, and the authors signature (am I starting to sound like an infomercial yet?) They looked so good on the site I sent a few links over to my wife, who without my knowledge forwarded them to my sister-in-law.

Imagine my surprise on Christmas day when I opened a box with four of these amazing glasses in it! And they looked and felt every bit as good as I could have hoped.

So now my office has four beautiful additions to my collection of oddities. If you’d like to pick a few up they run $13 a piece plus shipping. Follow the link to UncommonGreen’s Smart Barware collection and be sure to browse around there’s a ton of cool stuff to consider.

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