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Boat Volume 1 – Intense and Thought Provoking


Boat Volume 1 takes a hard look at humanity.
Boat Volume 1 - Intense and Thought ProvokingFor as long as I’ve loved comics I’ve also been a fan of Science Fiction. It’s a genre that gives the reader (and the writer) the opportunity to explore complex issues by using unfamiliar settings and situations. And The Boat achieves this beautifully. Reminiscent of McCarthy’s The Road, The Boat is the story of a father and son trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, that while hostile, ultimately cares little if they live or die.

“The water came and cities fell. The Earth has changed.” “It’s every man, woman and child for themselves.” That’s the world in which we meet the man and his son. They can’t stay in the ruined city any longer, a small boat and a vague plan are all they have. There are no “safe places” anymore so they keep moving, scavenging what they can, but it isn’t much, not nearly enough. How long can they survive and what will they need to do in order to?

This 48 page graphic novel reads quickly, tensely. You know the horror you’re witnessing., especially if you’re a parent. You understand the father’s need for his son to understand “the rules”, the need for someone to survive. Yet it still breaks your heart to see the sacrifices. And just when you know you have the story figured out, there’s a twist.

I enjoyed Boat vol 1 immensely and recommend it to anyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic survival. The twist alone is worth the read. The art is solid, and though it definitely falls into the current independent style it works very well with the story. It’s worth mentioning that this comic is based on a short film by David Lumsden that saw it’s premier at the Glasgow Short Film Festival 2015. After you get your hands on Boat volume 1 check out the second volume as well!

Boat Volume 1

David Lumsden (Author)
Mark Weallans (Illustrator)
Andrei Staruiala (Illustrator)
Tammy Le Vasan (Illustrator)

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