Bloodshot And H.A.R.D.Corps: H.A.R.D.Corps #0- Low-Tech Beginnings to Hi-Tech Warfare ~ What'cha Reading?

Bloodshot And H.A.R.D.Corps: H.A.R.D.Corps #0- Low-Tech Beginnings to Hi-Tech Warfare


BSHC_ZERO_COVER_LOZZIBloodshot And H.A.R.D.Corps: H.A.R.D.Corps #0- Low-Tech Beginnings to Hi-Tech Warfare

Post Harbinger Wars, Bloodshot was rescued from Harada and his Harbinger Foundation by his rivals at Project Rising Spirit. He then joined (against his will) H.A.R.D. Corps; PRS’ crack team of commandos, each of whom had implants surgically installed in their brains that allow them to “down load” Harbinger-like powers, one at time. They use the most current technology:  4G cell phone service, satellites and microprocessors as means of information transfer. But what was the tech like before they perfected it? A world without satellites or circuit boards, imagine the days when dropped calls were the norm, and we still had Dial-up?
Instead of losing the call from your mom, you lost your power of flight while your hundreds of feet off the ground? Or waiting to establish a connection with that old dial-up sound squawking in your ears, but instead of waiting for porn, your waiting for that shield power to protect you from the latest horrible onslaught you have to face?

We’ll see HARDCorps meager beginnings during the height of the Vietnam War, on through the analog 80’s up to the internet age and beyond in this Zero issue origin special. No wonder most of the vets on this team are near Mental patients! Check out who, and how they survived, the birth of H.A.R.D.Corps!


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Bloodshot And H.A.R.D. Corps #0
Writer: Gage, Christos N.
Artist: ChrisCross,
Cover Artist: Sepulveda, Miguel Angel
Format: COMIC
Price: PI
UPC: 85899200305590021
On Sale February 26, 2014
Publisher Valiant
Diamond Id: DEC131319

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