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Bits and Pieces from Boston Comic Con – Stephanie Buscema


I love comic conventions, have I mentioned that recently? Walking around checking out all the tables, stopping and listening to the pitches from the independents. The weird thing is that for years I didn’t really interact with artists all that much. Maybe it was just feeling like I really don’t know squat about art, I always felt woefully unprepared to have a conversation with an “artist”.

Guess what I’ve learned over the years. They’re people. Some are nice, some are not. Some are welcoming to fans, some are not. You’d think that a comic convention really wouldn’t attract the latter and yet…

Luckily I’ve been batting a thousand. The artists who’s work I enjoy all just turn out to be approachable nice decent people. Case in point Stephanie Buscema.

When I stopped by her table at Boston Comic Con it was really just to say “Hi, love your work, love the t-shirt design you did for the convention” but she’s a very engaging person. I found myself chatting with her and flipping through her book of prints. Go to her site and tell me there aren’t at least six pieces you’d like to hang somewhere in your home.

Stephanie works primarily pencil and paint on paper and it shows. Her work is vibrant, eye catching, and undeniably fun. Needless to say I found a print I couldn’t leave without buying.

Any of you who know me are familiar with my desire to raise my daughter in the superhero tradition. How could I pass up a print like this? I knew it was absolutely perfect for her. And I was right, she loves it. Now to frame and hang it.

Support your favorite artists, buy their work. And never hesitate to stop by a table to chat, you never know what treasure you may end up walking away with.

You can find more of Stephanie and her work on twitter (@StephBuscema), her facebook page, and of course her website. Check out her stuff you’ll be glad you did!

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