Birth of Venus # 1 (of 3) Comixology Release 08/31 ~ What'cha Reading?

Birth of Venus # 1 (of 3) Comixology Release 08/31



Birth of Venus is summarized by the following on its solicitation:

Birth of Venus is a uniquely female superhero story about the Mother of All Superheroes! Through tragic circumstances an ordinary woman is granted extraordinary powers. She must decide if she will use these new abilities to defend Vanguard City from the super-terrorist organization known as The Rebirth.

That’s a rather lofty story to tell it seems to me.

The first issue didn’t give much hint of all of that but it was still pretty damn good. Mara is a young woman who comes to visit her sister in Vanguard City. Here sister Madge is a reporter, therefore a target. Mara gets mistaken for her and attacked. The attack leaves her near dead. Suddenly one day she awakens, pregnant and with superpowers.

Not a lot happens in this first of a three issue miniseries but it lays the foundation for an interesting story and world. There are hints at government cover-ups, terrorists, overreaching corporations and of course superheroes. I liked the sisters, although Madge seems to just be a more brittle and bitter Lois Lane. She even has the resident super guy flirting with her, although she doesn’t seem at all interested.
Still I like a book with two female leads and all the men as supporting characters. It’s a nice change of pace.

Birth of Venus started as a webcomic, went to small print runs and is now debuting on Comixology. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Birth of Venus #1
Written By Andrew Makishima
Drawn By Matthew JLD Rice
SRP: $0.99

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