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Better, Stronger, Faster: Bionic Man vs. Bionic Woman on sale January 16th!



As you may have guessed from my Bionic Woman review, I’m a fan. A fan of the TV shows old and new, a fan of my awesome  Jaime Sommers doll that had removable bionics, a fan of the very cool bionics sound that I still think of whenever I have to dash somewhere really, really fast (you’re welcome – you know you’re hearing it now), and now, a fan of the comics.

Dynamite knew they had a good thing on their hands with the Bionic Man comic – they let Kevin Smith write it! – so they spun off a limited series for Bionic Woman. Now, Dynamite gives us the ex-lovers showdown you know you wanted to see between Steve Austin, the Bionic Man and Jaime Sommers, the Bionic Woman.

Issue One gives us the setup – there’s a bionic serial killer on the loose, and OSI is helping the FBI track him down. The action is fast and furious; the new bionic threat pulls no punches and leaves a trail of broken victims behind. What happens, though, when Austin and Sommers inevitably meet again? Jaime’s got no memory of her romance with Austin after her life-saving  surgery, leaving us to wonder how this reunion is going to go.

Keith Champagne has a knack for dialogue between characters and builds a suspenseful, tight story in this first issue, accompanied by Jose Luis’ dynamic artwork. With overlapping frames and action that extends beyond the frame borders,  this book has the same dynamic feel I’ve enjoyed in both Bionic titles.

This title hits stands on January 16th – pick it up and give it a read!

Bionic Man vs. Bionic Woman #1

Writer: Keith Champagne
Artist: Jose Luis
Cover Artist: Adrian Syaf, Sean Chen, Jonathan Lau, Jack Herbert
Price: $3.99
UPC: 725130200617 00111
On Sale: January 16, 2013
Publisher: Dynamite
Diamond Id: NOV121098

This title has a ton of incentive covers, take a look!

BionicMvW01PencilIncen BionicMvW01CovSyaf BionicMvW01CovHerbert

BionicMvW01CovCuteIncen BionicMvW01BWIncenBionicMvW01-Cov-Chen

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