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BEWARE… VOL. 1 Trade Paperback from 215 Ink!


I’ve said it so many times now it seems redundant. I love indie books. They are truly the reason this site was conceived and why I still keep it going today. One of my favorite independant titles is (finally) being released as a trade. I hope you check it out it’s a great sci-fi (/fantasy?) adventure with top notch writing and art. I’ve reviewed the series here in the past (Review – 215Ink presents “BEWARE… The Frogmen From Neptune!”, Coming Soon from 215 Ink! Beware… Citizen Science!) and can’t recommend it highly enough…

Here are the details:

215 Ink Announces BEWARE… VOL. 1 Trade Paperback
BEWARE... VOL. 1 Trade Paperback from 215 Ink!

215 Ink has released its first trade paperback. Beware… Volume 1: Citizen Science includes the first three Beware… comics from creators Will Perkins and Mike D Perkins, along with exclusive new content.

Beware… Vol. 1 collects the first 3 issues of science fiction adventure in 1 book! With additional pinups, secret societies and a special short by Rolf Lejdegård, this is where the madness of the unique town of Haven Hallows begins. 120 pages.

Beware… Volume 1 can be purchased directly from 215 Ink:

For more information on the series, visit

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