Best Damn Book On The Stands or No first five in a while, hope this makes up for it! ~ What'cha Reading?

Best Damn Book On The Stands or No first five in a while, hope this makes up for it!


I was regaling you all with the first fice books i had read each week for a while. And it was fun! Well it was fun for me anyway, what did you guys think?

This week is something different. During NYCC we got to speak to Matt Kindt. The creator, writer, and artist of Mind MGMT. It was a good interview, Matt was personable and engaging. He gave us some insights into why and how he does what he does.
What he didn’t do was tell us how freaking amazing the next issues was going to be!

Said it before, I’ll say it again. Buy this book! Did you like Lost? Fringe? The Prisoner? 3 Days of The Condor? Inception? Remember that feeling like you know what’s going on but you’re positive there’s more too it than you’ll ever know? Reading this comic gives you that feeling all over again. For those of you living under a rock Mind MGMT is the story of Meru, an amnesiac turned investigator. What begins as an investigation into a mysterious plane disaster becomes a search for the man who has all the answers, including the answers about her own past. But that’s not all it is. The books gives you the history of the mysterious organization “Mind MGMT” in a wholly new and different way. Matt does things with story and plot that I had never seen before in any medium, let alone a comic. I can’t tell you how many times i read the first five issues and after reading number six I’m going back to re-read them again.

Go read my review of issue one here, or our interview with Matt at NYCC here.

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