Behind the Scenes: Scarlett Couture's Variant Cover ~ What'cha Reading?

Behind the Scenes: Scarlett Couture’s Variant Cover


Behind the Scenes: Scarlett Couture's Variant Cover

One of my most anticipated of comic books is none other than Des Taylor’s Scarlett Couture.  Seizing the opportunity to talk about this book at any chance I get is once again upon us.  As Titan gears up to promote a comic that will surely be a hit, a few behind the scenes images have been released for the variant cover.


In our last preview for Scarlett Couture, we were quick to point out that the cover model Viktoria Dobos is the girlfriend of writer/illustrator Des Taylor’s friend.  He shot the cover himself in late December of last year and his 2-year-old daughter named Scarlett was present on the set. She’s his art director!


We strongly suggest you relish in the opportunity to be in on the ground floor for Titan Comics and Des Taylor’s Scarlett Couture as this will be the comic book people are talking about this spring!


Writer/Artist: Des Taylor
1 (of 4) – 32pp – FC – $3.99 – On sale 04/29/2015

“Des Taylor Is Maybe The Best Artist I Haven’t Actually

Worked With Yet!” – Mark Millar (Kick-Ass)

“Super-Stylish And Super-Sexy!” – Dave Gibbons (Watchmen)

Beautiful. Intelligent. Deadly.

Scarlett Couture is all of these things, and more. She’s a spy.

Using her cover as Head of Security for her mother’s internationally renowned fashion house, she gathers intelligence for the CIA. In this explosive first issue, Scarlett follows her instincts right into the middle of the action and finds she needs to use all her wits to get herself out of hot water!


Check out the trailer to this hotly anticipated series:

Comes with two covers to collect including an art cover by Des Taylor (Order Code: FEB151618) and a special photo cover (Order Code: FEB151619) featuring model Viktoria Dobos as Scarlett Couture!

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