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Bedtime for Batman! Capstone Young Readers!


My son, like most 5 yr olds, loves superheroes. So when Capstone sent us a review copy of Bedtime for Batman I was excited to read it with him. I didn’t get the chance though. My 10 yr old daughter grabbed it out of my hand, jumped on the couch with my son and read it to him. They had a great time and my daughter remarked that it was Bedtime for Batmandefinitely a good book to review on the site. Smart kid my daughter. That night when I put my son to bed I asked if he wanted me to read him Bedtime for Batman, he did, so we snuggled up and dove in.

There are a ton of children’s books out there about superheroes. Most are origin stories or 5-minute adventures, Bedtime for Batman is different. This book takes a little boy’s bedtime ritual and parallels it to a night in the life of The Batman. Sounds silly but it really works well. Each pair of pages has the boy on one side and Batman on the facing page, both doing something that prepares them for their night.

The boy is “cleaning up” by taking a bath and brushing his teeth, Batman is “cleaning up” by capturing bad guys. The boy is locking things up in his toybox, Batman is locking up some bad guys in prison. The parallels are lighthearted yet heartfelt and the ending will definitely have your little one watching the rooftops hoping to catch a glimpse of The Dark Knight!
Pick this one up for your little superhero, he’ll enjoy it (almost as much as you will!)
Bedtime for Batman
Words by Michael Dahl
Pictures by Ethen Beavers
DC Comics & Capstone
ages 4 – 7
Release date: August 1st 2016 (Here’s the pre-order link, order yours at

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