Becky Cloonan's "The Mire" a perfect 5 out of 5. ~ What'cha Reading?

Becky Cloonan’s “The Mire” a perfect 5 out of 5.


One of the best things about going on vacation is coming home. I love getting back into town, stopping for coffee at my favorite place, and getting in the door of my house. Deep breath, let it out, home.

This trip ended even better. There amidst the bills and junk was an envelope from Becky Cloonan! Ah finally! I’d been patiently waiting for my copy of “The Mire” for what felt like an eternity. I say waiting patiently but I realize in retrospect that I pestered Ms. Cloonan about it at Boston Comic Con and once (or twice?) on twitter. For those of you living under a rock, Becky Cloonan is the artist responsible for the latest (and greatest) Conan book from Dark Horse as well as her recent (and also wonderful) Dracula hardcover.

The Mire however is different. It’s one of her self-published works. If you’re a comic book creator looking to self publish then follow this woman’s example. Her books are well written, wonderfully drawn, fully realized stories. This isn’t amateur hour. The only reason some big publisher hasn’t grabbed these has got to be because Ms. Cloonan wants to publish these herself.

This story takes place in the same universe as her previous self published work Wolves. But to her credit this isn’t a sequel, hell it isn’t even the same characters. This story concerns a young squire named Aiden, his Liege Sir Owain, and the mission the young man is sent to preform. It’s a tale of love, loss and redemption. Just as in Wolves the plot is well thought out, the dialogue is fitting and used sparingly. And again, just like with Wolves, the moment I opened the book I fell in love with the art. I can’t wait to be at a convention where Becky is appearing so not only can I thank her for such wonderful contributions to the comic book world but hopefully buy some art from one of these books.

She says she has another mini planned for 2013 and I can’t wait to see what it’ll be this time.

The Mire is available for order at Becky’s site and I urge you to spend the $5, it’s so worth having on your shelf. I believe the previous story (Wolves) is for sale digitally for 99 cents so I really can’t see why you wouldn’t jump on that as well!

Here’s a link, go, buy, enjoy! And hey if anybody asks you tell ’em What’cha Reading sent you! Won’t make any difference to them but I sure could use the publicity!

Becky’s big cartel store is no more! But you can buy all her work at her new webstore! Werehouse!

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