Becky Cloonan's Dracula on sale April 10th from Harper Design ~ What'cha Reading?

Becky Cloonan’s Dracula on sale April 10th from Harper Design



Format: FC, 384pg., HARD COVER
Price: $17.99

Bram Stoker’s original text in a hardcover book with over 50 full color illustrations, published by Harper Design.

From Harper Design;

“Prince of the Night. Lord of the Damned. King of Vampires. He is Dracula, the most well-known vampire in the world—and this new illustrated edition of Bram Stoker’s classic tale of terror offers Dracula as you have never seen him before. Brought to life through the stunning visual artistry of Eisner Award-winning illustrator Becky Cloonan (Demo, American Virgin, Victor Von Doom), this new graphically compelling novel offers a spellbinding, edition of the book that launched the world’s enduring fascination with vampires: Bram Stoker’s complete and unabridged Dracula. Illuminated and accentuated by the visionary hand of one of America’s most gifted illustrators,”

Becky Cloonan, if you don’t recognize the name you haven’t been paying attention. Channel Zero: JENNIE ONE, AMERICAN VIRGIN, PIXU: The Mark of Evil, DEMO, NORTHLANDERS: The Girl in the Ice (issues #35-#36), WOLVES. She’s currently knocking it out of the park on CONAN THE BARBARIAN from Dark Horse.

I love her current run on Conan the Barbarian and I was lucky enough to pick up her self published mini comic “Wolves” from her Conan signing @ Midtown Comics. It’s a great read as I said in my review (here). Interested in checking out her self-published stuff but can’t find it at your local shop? Order it direct from her store! *Becky’s big cartel store is no more! But you can buy all her work at her new webstore! Werehouse! *

Let’s be clear, this isn’t a retelling or re-imagining of the classic tale. This is Becky’s illustrations along with Bram’s words! Check out this art!

I stood beside Van Helsing, and said, “Ah well, poor girl, there is peace for her at last. It is the end!”

He turned to me, and said with grave solemnity,”Not so, alas! Not so. It is only the beginning!”

Now go to her tumbler take a look at the rest of the Dracula stuff she’s leaked. Then call your local shop, Barnes and Noble or go to Amazon and order it! Here’s the Harper Collins page with more ordering information.

I can’t wait to check this out! If you’re a horror fan, a literature fan, a Dracula fan, a Becky Cloonan fan (who isn’t?) you must pick this up! When you do, drop by and give me you honest opinion, I’ll be posting mine.

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